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HOW TO GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Digital marketers and enthusiasts still recommend using email marketing as a good portion of their marketing mix. It is the best known tool that one uses both at work and home. E-mail in its own self is a call to action as it forces the user to check it which makes it a significant digital marketing method. The tough part here is to identify a list of audience along with their email addresses. An email going to the wrong target audience not only is a waste of resource it also leads to a bad impression. Social media channels have come to the rescue to generate a sophisticated and well-targeted list of email ids that helps the advertiser and marketer to target the right audience at the right time. Facebook promotions: Facebook has the most number of daily active users over a wide demography. Using promotions and contests to lure the users into providing their emails is a great way to build your email list. Rich Content: Provide rich content to the users that lead to your website. Impressive content would lead the users to provide their emails to subscribe to more content from your website directly in their inboxes. Teasers: Use crisp and attractive content in frequent intervals while only providing a jist of the complete details with a link to join compelling the user to join so he doesn’t miss out on great content the next time. YouTube: YouTube is a great social channel to promote your marketing videos and what is the use of an attractive video if it can’t grab enough fans. Use the power of these videos to draw attention of users to subscribe to your social channel and provide email addresses.

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Tweet around: Capture the niche audience present on twitter by linking your articles in the online version of your newsletter. You can also use dedicated hash tags and tweet about if your followers missed their latest news letter. Incentivize: Give enough reasons to the users to subscribe your newsletters. Give incentives like free coupons or free articles that are included in the paid section. Host Webinars: Call celebrity speakers or trained professionals to talk about various topics that draw the attention of your target audience. Be sure that these topics must also compliment the business you are in. Ask the users to sign up before they can attend the webinars. A good stock of email subscriber list plays a huge role in the success of your digital marketing efforts. The above tips can act as a starting point in attracting the right people for your business. digital marketing courses in mumbai digital marketing courses digital marketing courses in mumbai

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