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Oracle SOA Suite 11g (Advertisement):

Oracle SOA Suite 11g (Advertisement) SOA from an architectural point of view Definition of "architecture": "The fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their relationships to each other and the environment, and the principles governing its design and evolution." ANSI/IEEE Interoperable and loosely coupled service consumer, provider and registry. Support Governance and Event Driven Architecture SOA from an implementation point of view Standards, Standards, Standards Adherence to Policies

Oracle SOA Suite 11g:

Oracle SOA Suite 11g SOA from a business point of view BAD = Business agility through decoupling! Better integration with other enterprises Become a customer-centered organization Reduce costs

Oracle Fusion Middleware and SOA Suite :

Oracle Fusion Middleware and SOA Suite Put together through acquisition of others (BEA, SUN, Amber Point, PeopleSoft, and others). These are intended to be best-of-bread acquisitions. Based on Service Component Architecture (SCA 2007). FMW 11g rolled out in July 2009. The coupling between service components is very loose - they do not need to know about each other. Changes in location of services called, reliability requirements and security can be made without changing components. Fusion middleware offers all middleware capabilities. FMW 11g runs on Web Logic Server 11g Fusion Middleware is not sold as a single product. Different suites are offered: BPM Suite, EDA Suite, Governance Suite, SOA Suite

SOA Suite 11g Key Components(1) :

SOA Suite 11g Key Components(1) First and foremost an SCA container Can run multiple instances of every composite application in parallel Supports BPEL, Rules Engine Decision Service, Human workflow service, Spring based Java Beans, Mediator (transformation, routing, protocol adaption) and BPMN tools to generate BPEL XML deployment descriptors are bundled together into archives: Java Archive (JAR), Service Assembly Archive (SAR), etc. May be configured with Oracle Service Bus ESB. (BEA's Aqua Logic Service Bus) Provides BAM (Business Activity Monitoring - including real time data from security gates and RFID.

SOA Suite 11g Key Components (2) :

SOA Suite 11g Key Components (2) SOA Suite 11g runs inside Web Logic Server 11g. Several web applications are included for configuring and monitoring FMW 11g runtime operations. The most important is the The Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console. The main design time tool is JDeveloper 11g. Many Design Time at Run Time features - [email protected] permits on the fly configurations .

SOA Suite 11g Key Components (3) :

SOA Suite 11g Key Components (3) Meta Data Services (MDS) manage XSD documents, mappings between different vocabularies in different domains, reusable transformations, human task definitions, security policies, business rule definitions, business event definitions, etc. MDS provides a single interface across all repositories. The Application Development Framework (ADF) is a Java Server Faces based framework for building rich Java web applications. It was used to create the Enterprise Manager. ADF Business Components are used to publish SDO services on top of the database.

What is Oracle Enterprise Repository? :

What is Oracle Enterprise Repository?

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Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) provides : End-to-End Lifecycle Governance Visibility Minimizes redundancy Optimizes service reuse, and improves ROI Automates a service’s lifecycle progression Reflects the policies applied to assets, and monitors compliance to standards Provides Analytics to track and illustrate progress initiatives

What is Oracle Service Registry?:

What is Oracle Service Registry?

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A fully V3-compliant implementation of the UDDI specification A key component of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Provides a standards-based foundation for locating services, invoking services and managing metadata about services Control over Service Provisioning Flexible account provider support LDAP, Database or External Registry Control Administrators Console Manage server, authentication, configuration etc … Search, browse, manage services, taxonomies Business Service Console End user asset search, browse, publish, categorize

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