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Bev’s Jewelry : 

Bev’s Jewelry Chain Maille

Byzantine with Green/Black Focal : 

Byzantine with Green/Black Focal

Double Spiral : 

Double Spiral

Full Persian : 

Full Persian

Jens Pind : 

Jens Pind

Flat Box ChainNecklace : 

Flat Box ChainNecklace

Orbital Chain : 

Orbital Chain

Barrel Chain : 

Barrel Chain

Barrel Variation : 

Barrel Variation

Byzantine Rose : 

Byzantine Rose

Ladder Chain : 

Ladder Chain

Romanov with Cobalt beads : 

Romanov with Cobalt beads

Romanov with Hematite beads : 

Romanov with Hematite beads

Olivia Chain : 

Olivia Chain

Copper & Silver Half Persian : 

Copper & Silver Half Persian

Kindred Hearts (Barrel Chain) : 

Kindred Hearts (Barrel Chain)

Barrel Chain w/Rose Bead : 

Barrel Chain w/Rose Bead

Parallel RosePendant : 

Parallel RosePendant

Bev’s Jewelry : 

Bev’s Jewelry Available at or Blog:

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