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M AGN E T F I S H I N G – 1 R E S OU R C E F OR M AGN E T F I S H I N G  Magnet fishing makes use of a strong magnet to recover magnetic objects from water.  The magnet has a loop or eye attached to it.  A rope is tied to the loop or eye in order to recover the magnet and the objects that attach themselves to it. It is not suitable for items that are not attracted to a magnet such as gold.  Not only is it very useful to recover lost items but is also rapidly becoming a favorite pastime/hobby for hundreds of people worldwide.  Magnets come in different weights and sizes and are measured in diameter mm and pull force Llbs or Kg. E Q U I P M E N T N E E D E D F O R M AG N E T F I S H I N G In short you will need:  A really good strong magnet  A sturdy rope  Gloves

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 Somewhere to put place your finds such as a bucket  A way to clean your hands e.g. hand sanitizer T H E M A G N E T Your magnet needs an eyebolt see image for threading your rope through. Most people suggest you invest in a Neodymium Magnet. See our guide to which magnet you should buy or click the menu at the top to browse for yourself. THE ROPE Most people go with either Paracord or Nylon rope. We’ve reviewed some ropes here. YOUR GLOVE Gloves will not only protect your hands from the much and dirt involved with dragging items from a lake but they will also stop you from getting any injuries from the sharp metallic objects that you will be pulling out. S O M E W H E R E T O K E E P Y O U R M A G N E T F I S H I N G F INDS Goes without saying keep your stuff in one place so you can take it away with you otherwise you will be lugging stuff home in your pockets. A W A Y T O K E E P Y O U R H A N D S C L E A N You don’t want the dirt from the lake covering your hands in germs be sensible and take hand sanitizer and/or a cloth to wipe your hands upon.

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T H R E A D L O C K O P T I O N A L The Threadlock is optional but recommended by the more experienced Magnet Fishers as a way of preventing the rope being lost. It provides a way to secure the rope in the eyebolt without you having to keep a tight grip on it all of the time. KNIFE This is an optional item that you can use to cut your rope free if it get’s tangled onto anything in the lake and it does happen otherwise you’ll end up losing the rope and/or the magnet and they’re not necessarily a cheap item H O W T O M AG N E T F I S H We have a dedicated guide for how to magnet fish but it doesn’t hurt to also include a quick overview here too. The technique for Magnet Fishing are incredibly simple in fact there’s hardly any skill required at. But for those people who are curious about how it all works at this point you may have no idea how to do it So here’s a couple of tried and tested methods endorsed by the guys with more experience: THE THROW - I N P U L L B A C K T E C H NIQUE As it sounds. With your magnet tied securely to your rope you simply throw the line into the body of water and slowly pull the line back in again. Don’t pull it too quickly as the magnet could snag onto something solid and get lodged you also face the risk of losing your treasure if the magnet passes too quickly over the items in the water.

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THE THROW - I N W A L K P U L L B A C K TECHNIQUE Again this is how it sounds. You launch your line into the body of water and instead of simply pulling it back in you walk along the river bank or canal bank to give the magnet more area to cover and therefore increasing the chances of attracting more finds. M AG N E T F I S H I N G R U L E S L AW S I S M A G N E T F I S H I N G L E G A L People often ask this question and so I decided to look into it. If you are magnet fishing on public property then you should be okay there are no recorded incidents from people breaking the law that I can find. Of course it’s a different story if you are on private property and as with any activity that involves trespassing onto private land you should get the land owners permission first. This is often easier said than done and there are plenty of bodies of water that you can visit without upsetting the owner. In some instances there is lake or canal that make encroach upon land owned by somebody and this is known as “Riparian rights” where essentially the division of land lies somewhere in the middle of the body of water. W H AT I S T H E B E S T M AG N E T F O R M AG N E T F I S H I N G We’ve got a guide for the best magnets for Magnet Fishing but in short you want to get yourself a Neodymium magnet also known as a “rare earth magnet”.

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W H E R E C AN I G O M AG N E T F I S H I N G You can go anywhere that you have permission. If you are private land then you should ask the permission of the landowner first and if you are in a public place then it’s possible you may have to answer some questions from passers-by or even the Police if they are curious as to what you are doing. W H A T Y O U S H O U L D C O N S I D E R A R E 2 T H I N G S : 1. How old is the body of water i.e. lake canal or river does it have a historical past You can find some great stuff if you are fishing in an old lake or historically significant river or canal. 2. How busy is the area or how busy has it been in the past Consider how many people have used or are using the body of water and what type of items you are likely to find in there. Magnet fishing is a fantastically addictive hobby that people worldwide enjoy on a regular basis. It’s growing at an amazing rate too with more people discovering it each and every day. This site was put together by me – Graham – a hobbyist from the UK who discovered Magnet Fishing only last year along with my son Sam. We bought a simple get up after doing some research on the internet and took a trip to the local canal.

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It was from that moment we me more so LOL that the addiction started. Essentially Magnet Fishing involves throwing a magnet tied to a rope into a body of water but it’s the not knowing what’s coming out next which is the addictive part. You could find all sorts mostly other people’s junk but occasionally you can find a stash of coins bullets or weapons cast aside bikes and more. It’s all “treasure” stuff that you find and can keep and you never know what you’re going to get. Just check out some of the news stories above to see the wide diversity of stuff you can find. Also check out the resources and other fantastic places on the internet where nerds the world over talk about their latest find or equipment. It’s a simple hobby but it’s a really good one. Also we’re cleaning up the lakes and canals of the world as we go AB O U T U S is owned by me – Graham. I am new to the world of magnet fishing but love collecting together useful funny or interesting information and thought that as a new hobby I’d make all of this information publicly available after all on my journey if I can help somebody else discover the world of Magnet Fishing too then this would make me happy. I am from the UK in the NorthWest Wirral and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for this site. For more info Visit us at: www.magnet-

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