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Phone :8977700075 ENT DOCTOR ENT doctor is a medical specialist who is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the head and neck including particularly the ears nose and throat. Ear nose and throat specialists are also called otolaryngology. In the 19 th century doctors figured out that the ears nose and throat are closely connected by a system of tubes and passages. They made special tools to take a closer look at those areas and came up with ways to treat problems.

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Phone :8977700075 What is an ENT specialist • An ENT specialist otorhinolaryngologist is a doctor who specialises in diseases that affect the ears nose and throat as well as the head and neck. Medical conditions treated by ENT specialists: EAR • Deafness • Tinnitus ringing in the ears • Dizziness • Ear infections • Ear drum problems NOSE • Polyps • Cancer • Sinusitis • Bleeding THROAT • Cancer • Hoarse voice • Difficulty swallowing • Trapped foreign body HEAD AND NECK • Surgical conditions • Tumours involving the structures of the neck

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Phone :8977700075 Procedures performed by ENT Specialists: • Treatment provided by an ENT specialist may involve administration of medication either tablets or in drop form. • Alternatively operative treatment may be required. There are numerous different ENT procedures that an ENT surgeon can perform including: Operations on the ear salivary glands nose larynx and throat. Cosmetic operations Nature of the work: • ENT surgeons may treat people of all ages from new-born babies to elderly people. • A proportion of an ENT surgeon’s time is spent in outpatient clinics and managing conditions medically without the need for surgery. • ENT surgeons often treat conditions that affect the senses such as hearing and balance disorders or smell and taste problems. • They also treat patients with conditions that affect their voice breathing and swallowing as well as those with head and neck tumours including the skull base and interface with the brain. • ENT has possibly the widest range of operations of any speciality from major head neck procedures with flaps complex reconstructions to microsurgery on the ear.

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Phone :8977700075 Surgical procedures ENT surgeons use many different surgical procedures: • Insertion of grommets for glue ear – this involves a very small incision in the ear drum and is typically carried out on children. The grommets help to ventilate the middle ear and resolve middle ear effusions. • Tonsillectomy removal of tonsils or adenoidectomy removal of adenoids most often in children. • endoscopic sinus surgery – a tiny telescope is inserted into the nasal passages to diagnose and treat difficult sinus conditions. • open operations to remove neck lumps and salivary gland tumours. ENT surgery has been at the forefront of the latest medical technologies and minimally invasive procedures are common. This has many benefits including less scarring and shorter recovery periods

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Phone :8977700075 Dr. S. Ravi Kumar MBBS MSENT ENT HEAD NECK SURGEON MagnasVENT Super Speciality Hospital is started in the year 2012 under the presence of Dr. Ravi Kumar which has grown from an excellent beginning to one of the best ENT speciality hospitals in Hyderabad. • Dr. S. Ravi Kumar a popular ENT Surgeon he deals every problem occurred in our nose throat and ear. he is an expert in dealing cancers. • cancer affecting the mouth oral cavity throat pharynx voice box larynx salivary glands skull base or the nose and sinuses • thyroid and parathyroid problems • facial skin lesions including skin cancer

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Phone :8977700075 DR. S SRILATHA MBBS DGO Dr. Srilatha Sallangula is the Managing Director of MAGNASV ENT Super Speciality Hospital in Hyderabad. Managing Director Senior gynaecologist obstetrician fertility specialist. • A gynaecologist is a medical doctor that specializes in womens reproductive systems. • Gynaecologists are often at the forefront of debates over womens health and healthcare. • Gynaecologists are responsible for performing the standard yearly exam on adult women to ensure their reproductive health. • Gynaecologists are also sometimes certified as obstetricians and will monitor the health of the mother and the fetes during a pregnancy.

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Phone :8977700075 Dr. RAVI KUMAR JANNU MBBS DA Vast Clinical Experience in All Specialities of Anaesthesia Intensive Care for Over 20 Years With Experience of Advanced Techniques in Anaesthesia Critical Care Chief Anaesthetist 20 years of experience in Anaesthesia intensive care. • An anaesthesiologist is a medical doctor who keeps a patient comfortable safe and pain-free during surgery by administering local or general anaesthetic. • Anaesthesiology is a prestigious and lucrative field of medicine but requires a great deal of education and expertise. • Anaesthesiologists often work in high stress situations where a great deal of concentration and alertness is necessary such as in the operating room. • Recognition of any potentially life-threatening emergencies and timely intervention

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Phone :8977700075 Dr. Md. IMTIYAZ HUSSAIN HAFIZ MBBS DLO Dr. Md. IMTIYAZ HUSSAIN HAFIZ is the Senior ENT Consultant with 11 years of experience in MAGNASV ENT Super Specialist Hospital in Hyderabad. Senior ENT Consultant • An ENT specialist otorhinolaryngologic is a doctor who specialises in diseases that affect the ears nose and throat as well as the head and neck. • Treatment provided by an ENT specialist may involve administration of medication either tablets or in drop form. • ENT specialist typically use fibreoptic equipment and examining microscopes to assist in their examination. • Operations on the ear salivary glands nose larynx and throat.

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Phone :8977700075 Dr. AYYAPPASWAMY.A MBBS MSENT Dr. AYYAPPASWAMY is one of the best ENT surgeons in MAGNASV ENT Hospital in Hyderabad. ENT surgeon Tonsillectomy: • A tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the tonsils. • A tonsillectomy can also be a treatment for breathing problems like heavy snoring and sleep apnea. Adenoidectomy: • Adenoidectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove the adenoids. • Adenoids are a mass of lymphoid tissue located behind the nasal passages. Endoscopic Septoplasty: • The septum is the wall of bone and cartilage that divides your nose into two separate nostrils

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Phone :8977700075 Dr. M. SANTHOSH KUMAR MBBS DLO DNBENT Dr. M. SANTHOSH KUMAR is best ENT Surgeon in MAGNASV ENT Hospital in Hyderabad. ENT surgeon Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: • Endoscopic sinus surgery is a procedure designed to open the natural drainage pathways of the sinuses to restore their function and health. • The goal of surgery is to carefully remove the thin delicate bone and mucous membranes that block the drainage pathways of the sinuses. Tympanoplasty: • Tympanoplasty is a safe and effective outpatient procedure used to both eradicate disease from the middle ear and restore hearing and middle ear function.

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Phone :8977700075 ENT surgeons treat a very wide range of conditions. These include: • Ear conditions • Nose conditions • Throat conditions • Head and neck conditions • Facial cosmetic surgery Ear conditions include: • Otosclerosis a condition of the middle ear that causes hearing loss and other problems with hearing and deafness • Otitis media with effusion – a common condition of childhood also known as glue ear in which the middle ear becomes blocked with fluid • Age related hearing loss • Tinnitus ringing in the ears and eustachian tube dysfunction • dizziness and vertigo • Ear infections • Perforated ear drum and cholesteatoma • Protruding ears Nose conditions include: • sinus infection and rhino-sinusitis including in children • nasal injuries • nasal polyps • tumours of the nose • nasal obstruction • disorders of the sense of smell

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Phone :8977700075 Throat conditions include: • Adenoid problems – surgical removal of these small glands in the throat at the back of the nose is sometimes needed and is usually performed in childhood • Tonsillitis sometimes requiring surgical removal of the tonsils usually in childhood • Hoarseness and laryngitis • Swallowing problems • Upper airway breathing problems • Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea when breathing stops during sleep Head and neck conditions include: • Cancer affecting the mouth oral cavity throat pharynx voice box larynx salivary glands skull base or the nose and sinuses • Thyroid and parathyroid problems • Facial skin lesions including skin cancer Facial cosmetic surgery is also part of ENT surgery and includes: • Rhinoplasty nose surgery • Otoplasty ear surgery • Blepharoplasty removal of excess skin and fat pads around the upper and lower eyelids • Facial reconstruction following trauma or cancer

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