How Magliner Products Make Your Packaged Gas Deliveries Easier

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If your warehouse is cramped, but you need the functionality of a forklift, consider the Magliner lift hand truck. The LiftPlus hand lift truck offers a motorized lifting action without powered movement. This means that unlike a traditional forklift, the lift hand truck requires no operator license and occupies a smaller footprint, but is just as useful for lifting and moving heavy stock. Plus, it comes with the reliability and durability of the Magliner name.


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How Magliner Products Make Your Packaged Gas Deliveries Easier

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How Magliner Products Make Your Packaged Gas Deliveries Easier From cylinders to bulk tanks packaged gas companies need a way to move their product around. Whether it’s within a warehouse or delivering from a truck to a customer Magliner products can help your company move packaged gas. Hand Truck The legendary Magliner hand truck is known for its reliability and durability. Available with a curved back to help cradle a gas cylinder the classic hand truck will be your go-to tool for delivering packaged gas from a delivery truck or van to a customer. A Magliner hand truck will help your driver deliver a cylinder quickly and efficiently. The Magliner classic hand truck is famous in the material moving industry. Many other hand trucks are often referred to as a “Magliner” but only the original carries the quality associated with the name making it the best to deliver packaged gas. Powered Stair Climbing Cart If you need to make a gas cylinder delivery up a flight of stairs consider using a Magliner powered stair climbing cart. With the stair climbing dolly Magliner combined high-quality materials and sophisticated design to minimize awkward movements while transporting products up and down stairs helping avoid injury. For larger cylinders consider using the heavy duty powered stair climbing hand truck which increases the weight capacity. Both offer an integrated motorized stair-climbing system that pulls the hand truck up to the next step. When going down a flight of stairs the motor acts like an electric brake to secure the load.

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Motorized Hand Truck For multiple or larger cylinders a motorized hand truck will help you quickly and easily transport packaged gas around your warehouse. The motor means moving the packaged gas into place easily and smoothly. They are also perfect for moving cylinders onto a truck but are not ideal for taking out on delivery unless your delivery truck has a powered liftgate. The motorized hand truck is too heavy for smaller delivery trucks or vans. Motorized Dewar Cart An alternative to the motorized hand truck the Magliner motorized Dewar cart can hold both Dewar tanks and up to four high-pressure cylinders. Much like the powered hand truck it is not ideal for deliveries but will quickly prove itself essential in moving packaged gas cylinders around the warehouse and getting ready for delivery. Along with their traditional hand truck Magliner equipment includes an incredible variety of more specialized material handling solutions. Those include their stair climbing cart line appliance hand truck collection electric hard cart line hand lift truck line and a whole lot more. Find out exactly how Magliner equipment can make everyday operations more efficient at Original Source: