The Best Magliner Tools for All of the White Glove Delivery Options

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Navigating staircases can be one of the most challenging aspects of the material moving industry. From trying to make a delivery in a building with no elevator to a white glove delivery to a residence, the Magliner stair climbing cart can help you do your job safely and efficiently. The motorized stair climbing function does most of the work for you, whether you are going up or down the stairs, reducing the strain on employees and helping to prevent accidents.


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The Best Magliner Tools for All of the White Glove Delivery Options

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The Best Magliner Tools for All of the White Glove Delivery Options There is little doubt that the future of commerce is eCommerce and that requires delivery. As a new age of convenience permeates the market white glove delivery is no longer seen as a luxury—consumers have come to expect that level of service. Not all white glove delivery however is the same and different kinds of white glove delivery often utilize different equipment. It’s well known in the delivery and materials handling industries that when it comes to the right equipment for the job whether it’s a traditional hand truck or a lift hand truck for big jobs only a Magliner will suffice. Consider the following Magliner options for the different kinds of white glove delivery. Threshold Delivery Threshold delivery is the least involved and likely the most common variety. As the name suggests threshold delivery involves dropping the item off at or inside the door. As such the classic workhorse of material handling industries the traditional Magliner hand truck is perfect for threshold delivery of larger items.

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Room of Choice Delivery Room of choice delivery is the quintessential white glove delivery dynamic—a package delivered into the room or space requested by the customer. Room of choice delivery can require navigating the spaces of someone’s living quarters including dealing with staircases. For moving large items up and down stairs there’s nothing that works better than a Magliner stair climbing dolly. Using one means faster and safer delivery. Light or Heavy Assembly Delivery A light or heavy assembly white glove delivery also qualifies as a room of choice delivery with the added service of assembling the product and taking away the packaging. The addition of assembly can make a difference when selecting the Magliner hand truck you want to use. Using a Magliner stair climbing cart still makes sense if there are stairs involved. Having to assemble the delivered item may call for the use of tools and the transportation of a number of smaller parts. If that’s the case a Magliner convertible hand truck is a terrific option. Using the convertible hand truck in the horizontal configuration provides a lot more platform space for transporting more items at once. Special Services Delivery Finally a special services delivery is virtually always both a room of choice and a light or heavy assembly delivery. The special services denote the additional step of connecting the delivered item to electrical wiring water gas or setting up wireless features. Basically any of the previous Magliner hand trucks are likely to come in handy. As special services deliveries tend to be larger items like furnaces appliances fireplaces and so on incorporating a Magliner appliance hand truck aka a heavy duty hand truck likewise makes good sense. For all of your company’s final mile and white glove delivery needs you can count on Magliner dollies and hand trucks at Original Source: