Keeping Deliveries Running Smoothly in the Snow with Magliner Products

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The classic Magliner hand cart is known for being indispensable in the material handling industry. Whether it is used to move boxes around the warehouse or to deliver goods to customers, the Magliner hand cart can help improve employee efficiency while also increasing safety. Any given hand cart might be referred to as a Magliner, but only the original carries the reliability and durability that comes with the name.


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Keeping Deliveries Running Smoothly in the Snow with Magliner Products

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Keeping Deliveries Running Smoothly in the Snow with Magliner Products Snow can slow down many processes of your business. Poor weather conditions slow down everyday operations and can create dangerous situations for employees. Magliner material moving equipment can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently while allowing employees to stay safer on the job. Hand Trucks If your employees are carrying boxes of products by hand from the warehouse to a truck outside they significantly increase their risk of accidentally slipping on ice. Using legendary Magliner hand trucks to move products and boxes instead can help them spot potential hazards and avoid slipping. For even more effectiveness swap out the wheels for pneumatic variants with aggressive treads which will help keep traction on snow and ice. Alongside other general safety tools such as ice melt gloves and straps Magliners keep deliveries running smoothly and help to prevent accidents. The Magliner hand truck is famous in the material moving industry with unsurpassed quality and reliability. Many hand trucks are referred to as a “Magliner” regardless of the manufacturer. When it comes to moving product through snow on a hand truck accept nothing but the original Magliner.

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Heavy Duty Hand Truck When moving heavy equipment or products such as large appliances a classic hand truck may not have the proper weight capacity. Instead turn to the heavy duty hand truck from Magliner. Employees shouldn’t work alone with any excessively heavy load especially if the load is tall as the person behind the hand truck will need assistance navigating away from ice and obstacles. The heavy duty hand truck does however allow employees to move loads without team lifting saving time and exertion which is especially important for safety in poor weather conditions. Stair Climbing Hand Truck What happens when your employee has to make a delivery up stairs in poor conditions If they have a Magliner stair climbing hand truck they can let the hand truck do all of the work for them concentrating more on the slippery stairs than on trying to pull up the load. For a low- tech version add glider bars to a traditional hand cart to make it easier to slide the hand truck up stairs. Hopper Employees can use a Magliner hopper to move salt or ice melt. These will help clear away ice and snow on ground making it much easier and safer for your employees to move around outside your warehouse loading dock or storage area. It will make it easier for your drivers as well. Find out exactly how Magliner equipment can improve the efficiency of your warehouse and delivery teams at Original Source: