How Magliner Equipment Can Help Your Machine Shop Deliver the Goods

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Sometimes there are material handling situations beyond the capacity of a traditional Magliner hand truck. For everyone’s safety and to maintain an efficient workplace, keep a Magliner powered hand truck on hand for those situations. With a Magliner powered hand truck or motorized hand truck, anyone from any industry who needs to move something heavy from point A to point B can do so with ease.


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Part to Parcel: How Magliner Equipment Can Help Your Machine Shop Deliver the Goods

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Part to Parcel: How Magliner Equipment Can Help Your Machine Shop Deliver the Goods Going from a single part to a complete product ready to send to a customer and then delivering said product is an arduous task. Depending on the end product pieces can be cumbersome and moving parts around a machine shop can prove to be difficult and dangerous work. Fortunately Magliner material handling equipment can help you not only improve efficiency but keep your employees safer on the job. Whether it’s a powered hand truck or a LiftPlus powered lifting system Magliners can help you move parts around the production floor send them further up the supply chain or deliver them directly to customers. Traditional Hand Trucks for Common Loads The traditional hand truck may not be the most complex but a Magliner hand truck it is still one of the most reliable materials moving tools in the industry. It vastly improves what a single employee can transport in a single trip keeping their backs safe from carrying boxes of parts or completed products. The classic Magliner hand truck is legendary in the material handling industry to the point where many hand trucks regardless of manufacturer are referred to as a Magliner. Just remember that only Magliners deliver the reliability that employees really need. They are essential in delivery vehicles helping your employees quickly deliver the parts and finished products from the delivery vehicle to the customer. LiftPlus Systems for Multipurpose Lifting and Workspace The LiftPlus hand lift truck will find regular use in your machine shop as a multi-functional tool. Magliner LiftPlus hand lift trucks unlike traditional forklift carts do not require a license to

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operate. They can be used for moving parts and products around the production floor and can even be used as a mobile workbench. Whether it’s moving a part from warehouse shelves to a work station or using a LiftPlus Lite to move lighter products from the delivery van onto a counter the LiftPlus is a great investment for your machine shop. With a variety of attachments there are few jobs the LiftPlus cannot do. Motorized Hand Trucks for the Heaviest Loads For the heaviest parts and products use a motorized hand truck. Depending on what you are making in your machine shop and whether you have to deliver it a motorized hand truck can help take the load off your employees. You will need a delivery truck with a motorized liftgate or ramp as the motorized hand truck is a necessarily heavy piece of equipment. The motor makes it a snap to move heavy products like large appliances. If you have a smaller truck switch to a traditional hand truck for deliveries or an appliance hand truck meant to transport heavy loads. Check out how Magliner products can improve your shop’s efficiency at Original Source: