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Color Vibe 5k :

Color Vibe 5k Madi Egeberg [email protected] December 13 th , 2014 Fitness lifestyle design


Introduction For my course project, I signed up for a local, independent 5k color vibe. My participation for this event was October 26, 2014. This is an event that travels world wide. I ran with my bestfriend , and my mother. My local radio station, the Vibe was also there.

Engagement Activities:

Engagement Activities I chose this run as my course project because in past years, I always love to do this. Last year though, I sadly couldn’t attend due to an injury. So I felt it was the perfect activity for me to participate in this year! In preparation for this, my best friend and I ran a mile each day, watching our times cut shorter and shorter every practice. There were no requirements for this. The only one, sadly was if you could afford it. These runs can end up getting very costly. This was a one day event that was on for about 5 hours. Running everyday helped to get me properly prepared. ((((( Enter photo of me running)))))


Sportsmanship I feel sportsmanship is when a group or team gets together and always makes sure to help each other out and be there for each other. One way I participated in good sportsmanship was while running the course, water was handed out at certain spots. There was a lady stooped on the side trying to catch her breath. With not another water area in sight, I stoped and handed her mine. There were no rules, just to have fun! A saying my bestfriend and I had was; nobody left behind. That meant if one needed/wanted to walk for a few, we did. I did not copy and paste the photo, This was off the vibe website.

Sports in other Cultures:

Sports in other Cultures To participate in a color vibe in a different country is the same experience, just different place. The only difference is the scenery in which the event is taking place. It is the same company and people who host it. Everybody's reasoning I believe is different some for pure excise, or fun, or something else. I discovered that all purposes for this color vibe are the same. Link to The UK Color Vibe;

In-School Resources:

In-School Resources No, my activity was not offered in school. Offered at my school is; Baseball Flag Football Softball Tennis Track and Field Bowling Cross Country Football Golf Swimming Volleyball Link to all activities offered in my school;

Community Resource:

Community Resource My activity was local, but no it was not in my community. One activity I hope to do in the future is participate in one of the many parades. Activities in my community;

Proof of Participation:

Proof of Participation Receipt: Before: After:

Final Thoughts & Reflections:

Final Thoughts & Reflections I feel it was important because it helps me to set goals and become healthier. Yes, I plan on doing as many as I can actually! I had many great experiences and met many new friends that I will be sure to keep in contact with. Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be out there in their community. These color runs I participate in truly are amazing. If you ever are interested, I highly recommend it.

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