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HAIR DYES Presented by: Miss Madhuri A. Wanre M- pharm 1yr Q.A.


INDEX • Introduction • Ideal characteristics of hair dyes • Classification of hair dyes • Formula • Formulation • Evaluation • References


INTRODUCTION • Hair dyes ⁄ hair colorants • Purpose To hide gray colour of hair To change the colour of hair In olden days, naturally occuring hair colouring agent KOHL containing lead sulphides used to colour hair. Also henna used to colour the hairs .

Ideal characteristics of hair dyes:

Ideal characteristics of hair dyes • Non toxic & non irritant to skin /hairs. • Impart same color which indicate on its label. • Easy to apply. • Have reseanable stability or shelf life. • Not dermatitics sensitizer. • The color that imparts to the hair must be stable to air, light, water & shampoo.


CLASSIFICATION OF HAIR DYES • Temporary colorants • Semi- permanent colorants • Permanent colorants • Lightner or bleaches


TEMPORARY COLORANTS • Imparts color to the hair for a short time. • Washed off during 1st shampoo . • It consists of a mixture of a suitable dyestuff with an acid either in powder or liquid form. 1.Powder product simple mixture of dyestuff with citric/ tartaric acid in a sachet or capsule. Use : content of package dissolved in 1/2 pint of warm water & solution poured over the wet hair. Mech : Penetration of color to the hair cuticle not to cortex or medulla.

FORMULA Hair Crayons:

FORMULA Hair Crayons POWDER DYES RINSE SOLUTION Certified colour 5.O gm Tartaric acid 95.0 gm Acid dyestuff 6.0 gm Alcohol 10.0 gm Acetic acid 10.0 gm Water 74.0 Colour 6.0 gm Stearic acid 14.0 gm Triethanolamine 7.0 gm Glyceryl monosterate 4.0 gm Beeswax 42.0 gm Paraffin wax 9.0 gm Microcrystalline wax 9.0 gm Coconut diethanolamine 7.0 gm Perfumes q.s .


SEMI- PERMANENT COLORANTS • Gives stronger color to hairs. • Withstand 6-8 subsequent shampoo. • It is basic dyestuff of nitro-amino dyes- picramic acid (2,4-dinitro-6-aminophenol) 4-nitro-1-2-phenylene diamine . Imparts red or yellow color. • Anthraquinones :gives blue color. 1,4-diamino anthraquinones . • To achieve optimum dyeing following factors consider, a) Water solubility b) The composition of base c) Effect of pH of the medium d) Effect on diluting dyes


FORMULA: Dissolve the dyestuff in a mixture of the alkyolamides & anionic surfactant. Saperately dissolve acid & quaternary amm . Comp. in the water & add colour to solution while stirring. Quaternary amm.comp 12.0 gm Anionic surfactant 9.6 gm Lactic acid 4.8 gm Alkyloamides 12.0 gm Dyesstuff 1.2 gm Water 60.4 gm


PERMANENT COLORANTS • used to intensify the natural colour , • completely change the colour of hairs • give a shade near to natural colour of hair. • It includes, Vegetable dyes Ex : Henna: it contains powdered leaves of lawsonia alba,L . spinosa , L. inemis . Henna powder Henna leaves 10 gm Alcohol 44 gm Water 45.8gm Perfumes o.25 g

2.Metallic hair dyes:

2.Metallic hair dyes • Metal oxies used to dye hairs. Lead dyes: solution of lead acetate & it reduces action of keratin, forms insoluble lead salts. ∙ Shades depend on concentration of lead used. Formula Precipited sulphur 1.3 gm Lead acetate 1.6 gm Glycerine 9.6 gm Water 87.5 gm

b) Bismuth dyes:

b) Bismuth dyes • produce range of color from blond to dark chestnut. • Formula A Bismuth citrate 50 gm Water 50 gm B Sodium thiosulphate 6 gm Water 94 gm

c) Silver dyes:

c) Silver dyes • The hair 1 st treated with aq. ammonical solution of silver nitrate. • After that solution of pyrogallol is applied. • A greenish black color is produced • Formula SOLUTION 1 Silver nitrate 5 gm Ammonium nitrate 3 gm Water To 100 gm Ammonium hydroxide q.S SOLUTION 2 Pyrogallol 4 gm Alcohol 46 gm Water 50 gm

Ligtner or bleaches:

Ligtner or bleaches • It termed as decolorising preparation because they lighten the natural colour . • The destruction of melanin caused by use of oxidising agent. • Formula This powder mixture is tobe mixed with hydrogen peroxide before use. Amm.bicarbonate 20 gm Amm bosulphate 10 gm Light mag carbonate 50 gm Light ca carbonate 20 gm

Formulation of hair dyes:

Formulation of hair dyes • The main ingredient of formulation will be; a) Base: solution, emulsion, gel, powder b) Dyes : oxidation base c) Alkali; Ammonia d) Antioxidant: Ammonium thioglycolate


Evaluation • Sensitization test • Long term toxic effect


References 1. Cosmetics preparation & evaluation by P.P. Sharma. 2.Textbook of handbook of Cosmetics by B. M. Mittal .



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