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Vopak Terminal Bahamas BORCO International Ltd.

Historical overview of what today is Vopak Terminal Bahamas : 

1970 Construction of 250,000 bpd refinery is completed and operation begins Historical overview of what today is Vopak Terminal Bahamas

About Vopak Terminal Bahamas : 

About Vopak Terminal Bahamas First Reserve Corporation and Royal Vopak NV acquired ownership of Borco Borco operated in global Vopak network d.b.a. Vopak Terminal Bahamas (VTB) VTB aims to be the best independent petroleum storage terminal in the world

People Development : 

People Development Some 500 people directly or indirectly employed through VTB VTB staff has grown from 121 to 176 fulltime employees since April 2008 New Executive Management Team now in place Only few expatriates to provide either specific technical skills and/or knowledge transfer Significant investments in Training & Development

Impact on the Community : 

Impact on the Community Payroll in excess of 14 million per year Continued support to (local) charities, causes and scholarship programs; almost half a million dollars per year Increased maintenance budgets and projects result in additional spending in the community; tens of millions per year Government levies to more than double due to increased business activities GBPA benefits through fees etc.

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Projects – Brownfield

From 14 to 22 million barrels of storage in 17 months : 

From 14 to 22 million barrels of storage in 17 months In April 2008 only 13 out the 19 million barrels of storage at Borco were operational Vopak embarked on ambitious program to reinstate and grow the existing facility Today 15.5 million barrels operational and all rented to our customers By October 2009 our capacity will be 22 million barrels Total investment involved >75 million dollars

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NLJ & NSJ Aerial View Projects - Jetties

Marine Facilities : 

Marine Facilities Significant deferred maintenance on offshore structures Major maintenance work this summer on the existing jetties Options to reinstate the large jetty damaged in hurricane being evaluated Total investment in marine facilities: >$80 million

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Projects - Greenfield

Greenfield : 

Greenfield We are preparing for another phase of expansion We have cleared the area and are now testing and preparing the soil, preparing EIS etc. Several commercial scenarios are being evaluated Projected investment: $250-300 million

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality : 

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality The Safety, Health and well-being of all people working and living in or near our facility has our highest priority Significant programs to improve Health and Safety of all employees, contractors and visitors implemented Investing heavily in dealing with Environmental issues and legacies

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Refinery Demolition : 

Refinery Demolition Refinery closed down in 1985 Now in final stages of removal to enable further development of our core business Saturday, March 7th 2009 this will culminate in the dropping of the three chimney stacks, which have been this island’s most recognized landmarks for more than 40 years

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