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What is MTFHR Gene Mutation and How Can It Be Treated Some families have a history of heart diseases or miscarriages. Others suffer from migraine or irritable bowel syndrome or depression. All these health conditions share a common element: the presence of a faulty enzyme in your body known as methyl- tetrahydrofolatereductase MTFHR. There are as many as 50 known variants of MTFHR of which the two major ones are C677T and A1298. This enzyme if mutated becomes a genetic variant which causes your essential enzymes to work at a slower rate than they would normally work. This enzyme is responsible for methylation of every cell in the human body. Methylation is a process of cellular repair detoxification and neurotransmitter production and is also responsible for a healthy immune system functioning. The presence of MTFHR genetics defect can lead to serious problems in the body. One of the ways through which MTFHR destroys your immunity is by lowering your body’s ability to produce glutathione. This is body’s primary antioxidant and detoxifier and a reduction of this in the body can lead to increased stress lesser tolerance to toxic exposures and premature aging. Treatment for MTFHR Mutation It is not possible to change the genes in a person’s body. There is no MTFHR treatments that can make the problem go away for good. But there are a few precautions that can help you in mitigating the problems.

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1. Healthy Gut is the Key Because your gut is unable to produce certain nutrients on its own you need to supplement. One of the best ways to make sure your gut is healthy is by eating fermented food and homemade broth. Some doctors advise you against eating anything made with vegetable oil. 2. Avoid Environmental Toxins Because MTFHR makes you susceptible to environmental toxins it is important to keep your surroundings as clean as possible. Chemicals present in plastic or cleaning products can prove to be very harmful for people suffering from MTFHR. Reduce your use of plastics especially in items that touch your food. Use all-natural cleaning products. Houseplants can help clean your homes air. 3. Avoid Folic Acid Folic Acid can prove to be very deadly for the people who are suffering from MTFHR since their bodies cannot process these acids. These acids can cause internal toxicity in the body and because of the presence of MTFHR your body’s immune system may not be able to fight it. Processed food contains the maximum amount of folic acid and hence should be avoided at all times. 4. Eat Green Veggies According to some researchers dark leafy greens contains the methylated form of folate which is very beneficial for a MTFHR patients. Anyone suffering from MTFHR should include green leafy vegetables in all the meals. Make sure to practice the aforementioned tips to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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