Faux and Real Wooden Blinds for Windows

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Faux and Real Wooden Blinds for Windows

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Wooden blinds for windows are a popular way to increase the visual appeal of a home and also to serve a highly functional purpose. The reason for this is the enduring style of wooden venetian blinds which are widely considered to be classic elements of design. In addition they add an air of sophistication and flair to any home. Also wooden blinds for windows can enhance your homes value which can be a terrific feature if you are thinking of putting it on the market sometime soon.

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Most individuals need very little persuasion to choose wooden venetian blinds since they have so many positive features. With that said anyone considering wood blinds should realize that there is a wide range of options available in term of style and aesthetic perspective. A key decision that must be made by purchasers of wood venetian blinds however is whether they should select real wood venetian blinds or faux wood blinds. The two kinds of wooden blinds for windows each have their own positive and negative features. Thus in order to make a choice between the two there are some main distinctions to keep in mind.

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A nice feature of real wooden blinds for windows is the fact that they are lighter in weight than faux versions. Without a doubt this is because of the material they are manufactured in. After real wood is cut and treated it weighs less than in its natural state because the processing of the product removes a good amount of moisture from it. Thus if your home has big windows it makes more sense to purchase real wood blinds for them. By choosing wooden venetian blinds in such circumstances you will have an easier time raising and lowering them due to their lighter weight.

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Financial considerations should also be made as you decide between real and faux blinds for windows. Real wood shutters are more expensive to manufacture than their faux versions. Blind makers must cut treat and process the wood in order to manufacture real wooden blinds. Therefore because they will also be interested in factoring in their profit margin manufacturers will raise the price on real wooden blinds to exceed the cost of a faux wood product.

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Your climate may also have an impact on which type of blinds are best for you. In overly humid areas real wood blinds have a much shorter life span than they normally might. Humid conditions will detrimentally affect real wood blinds and thus it makes more sense to select faux wood blinds if you live in moisture-heavy environments. It is for this reason that real wood blinds are not appropriate for kitchen and bathrooms as there is frequently a great deal of humidity in such rooms. If they are inspected up close real wood blinds are indeed more attractive than faux Blinds. Regardless of the type of wooden blinds for windows you ultimately select you should be certain to explore various styles and design options so that you are completely satisfied with your choice.

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