The Latest Development about Bremelanotide


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The Latest Development about Bremelanotide:

The Latest Development about Bremelanotide


Research shows that more than 40% of women are reported to experience difficulty in their sexual relationship with their partners. The most common female sexual dysfunctions are vaginal dryness, low level of libido, pain during sexual intercourse, and difficulty in achieving orgasm during the activity. Fortunately, there are treatments and medicines that are being developed to provide a cure and alleviate the female sexual dysfunctions. Furthermore, this medicine named as the bremelanotide or PT- 141 is also being enhanced to help men who are having problems with sexual dysfunctions.


The bremelanotide may be administered either by intranasal or subcutaneous formulations. However, the Palatin Technologies are developing a subcutaneous way of administrating the bremelanotide medicine to treat the sexual dysfunctions that usually occurs in women. Whichever you prefer, the bremelanotide will provide significant and efficient results. Previous studies conducted by the Palatin Technologies showed that the bremelanotide is safe and can be tolerated by patients. During the phase 2 of study, a total of 32 pre- menopausal women who are not experiencing any type of sexual dysfunctions took the bremelanotide. There are several side effects but all of which are not severe.


The administration of bremelanotide showed a significant result in boosting the blood flow in the vagina. As a result, each woman who took the bremelanotide increased the vaginal lubrication. It also increased the level of libido. The clinical findings that were derived in the phase 2 studies include effectiveness of the bremelanotide in a broad range of patients. The patients include those with erectile dysfunction and patients who are not responsive to sildenafil. In addition, the developer of the medicine tries to develop and enhance it to provide a cure for both men and women.


After the administration of the bremelanotide, up to 50% of the patients who has an erectile dysfunction show an improvement in their sexual drive and desire. The bremelanotide can also be administered with sildenafil. The combination of these two medicines can help in providing better and efficient result. The administration of bremelanotide causes mild side effects such as a headache, nausea, and nasal congestion. In addition, the bremelanotide also causes facial flushing and emesis or vomiting. However, all of the side effects from taking the medicine are mild and bearable. A total of 2, 500 patients have already received bremelanotide. All of which took part in the 30 clinical studies conducted by the Palatin Technologies.



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