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By Mauricio Diana Andrea Monse And Linneth. Participial adjectives

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Flander didn’t sleep very well last night. To make things worse, he had to get up early this morning because his boss asked him to come to work early. When he got up, he realized that he had run out of coffee. Poor Flander . Today he feels . . . Tired or exhausted

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School is difficult, but Lisa enjoys it because she loves to learn. She especially loves her Science class because the teacher is very good. The teacher’s class is never boring; on the contrary it’s . . . Interesting or exciting

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What’s the difference between the – ed and – ing form of adjectives ? - ed adjectives describe the way a person feels. - ing adjectives describe someone’s personality, a place, an event, an experience, etc. *If something is __________ ing , it will make you feel ________ed.

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1.Homero’s job is boring . He feels bored when he’s at work. Homero is bored because his job is boring . 2. Lisa thinks that music is interesting . She is interested in to be a musician in the future.

Now it’s your turn!:

Now it’s your turn! 1. confus - English grammar can be extremely ________________. It makes me feel ________________. fascinat - Millions of tourists are __________________ with A renal Volcano. This place is absolutely __________________.

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