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Living Things & The Environment

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What is an ECOSYSTEM? 1

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All living and nonliving things that interact in an area 1

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What needs are met by an organism’s surroundings? 2

Food : 

Food 2 Water Shelter Obtains To Live Grow Reproduce

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What is a HABITAT? 3

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The place where an organism lives and provides things the organism needs 3

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What are BIOTIC factors? 4

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Living Parts of an ecosystem 4

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Name a biotic factor in your environment. 5

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People, Trees, Dogs, Birds, Etc. 5

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What are ABIOTIC factors? 6

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Non-Living parts of an ecosystem 6

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Explain how water and sunlight are two abiotic factors that are important to all organisms. 7

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All organisms need water. Plants need water & sunlight to produce food (PHOTOSYNTHESIS) 7

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How do biotic factors differ from abiotic factors? 8

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Biotic = Living Abiotic = NON-Living 8

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What are SPECIES? 9

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A group of organisms that are physically similar and can reproduce to produce FERTILE offspring. 9

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What is a POPULATION? 10

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All the members of one species in a particular area 10

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What makes up a COMMUNITY? 11

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All the different populations that live together in an area 11

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What are the levels of organization within an ecosystem? 12

Ecosystem : 

Organism 12 Population Community Ecosystem

13 What is a Niche?

13 An organism’s role in an ecosystem and includes how it interacts with all the abiotic and biotic parts of the ecosystem.

14 What is Diversity?

14 Depends on the variety of species that live within an ecosystem. Some ecosystems are very diverse, while others may only contain a few different species.

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The End Follow this link to explore a forest ecosystem…. Walk in the Forest