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Keeping children safe online : 

Keeping children safe online

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Dr Martyn Wild, Director Ms Kirsty Waugh, Learning Coordinator Ms Suzanne Barr, Community Coordinator and Senior researcher Ms Jenna Williams, Senior Editor The SCPA Team + 53 mediators worldwide Annemarie Webb, Registrations Dr Jenny Masters, Research partner UK staff Bon Hart, CEO Carole Fletcher, MD Lindsay Davies, System Architect Jack Green, Developer Chris Green, Community Leader Jane Weston, Communities Development Ben McGregor, Business Development

Opportunities vs. Risks : 

Opportunities vs. Risks Access to global information Learning Friends (new/old), social networks Entertainment, games, fun Participative learning - creating stuff Technological literacy Career advancement or employment Personal/health/sexual advice Specialist groups, forums Connecting, sharing experiences Illegal content, offensive content Paedophiles, grooming, strangers Extreme or sexual violence Advertising/commercial persuasion Biased/misinformation (advice, health) Exploitation of personal information Cyber-bullying, stalking, harassment Gambling, financial scams Self-harm (suicide, anorexia, etc) Abuse of privacy ★ Illegal activities (hacking, downloading)

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Social Networks

Cyberbullying : 


SuperClubsPLUS, a cybersafety solution.. : 

SuperClubsPLUS, a cybersafety solution.. Validation - age and identity verification Mediation - highly trained mediators, stimulating, moderating, responding, helping Education - how to keep safe online - through rules, behaviours, sanctions Graduation..

SuperClubsPLUS, an opportunity to learn… : 

SuperClubsPLUS, an opportunity to learn… Formal - Meet learning outcomes in Cybersafety, Literacy, Numeracy, Civics and Citizenship Informal - Children help each other to learn Global - Collaboration with countries around the world

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Global Learning

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Feeling Safe Online

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Teacher observations

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Changing behaviours

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Transfer of learned online behaviours

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The Hub.... Mediators

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The Rules

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Home Page

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Project Page

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Fact File

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Bookworms Club

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Global Friends Club

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Daily Chat Forum

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Literacy Forum

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Hot Seats

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School Site

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School work

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