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The Ku Klux Klan:

The Ku Klux Klan 2 nd Klan of the 1920’s

Background :

Background The KKK started in the South in the end of the 1860’s; it died out later on in the earlier half of the 1870’s Racist group for white supremacy and nationalism. They are against immigration and Jews Believed in heavy racial segregation Got their ways using heavy violence methods such as fire, and many attacks were at night Attire included white costumes with robes, masks, and pointed hats to hide their identities

General 2nd Klan Information:

General 2 nd Klan Information The second Klan was formed in 1915 in Georgia Led by William J. Simmons Peaked in the mid 1920’s; about 4-5 million men Shut down by 1930; only about 30,000 members left


Location While the Klan happened all around, the main areas that it heavily influenced were the Midwest and Southern regions Some main cities were Detroit, Dayton, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston The location of blacks settling after the Great Migration helped bring about more membership in some of these areas

New Method of Violence:

New Method of Violence Simmons started the burning of Latin crosses These crosses would be burned at every gathering; they were used to show the power and influence the Klan had The movie Birth of a Nation inspired the cross burning

Influence on Government:

Influence on Government The large Klan in the 1920’s allowed the Ku Klux Klan to have a large influence on politics Methods such as bribery were used Focused a lot on labor and temperance

Klan Acts of Violence:

Klan Acts of Violence Violence was the main thing that the Klan was known for Most attacks happened at night Fire was one of the largest weapons they used They also did much kidnapping, torture, etc


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