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Action/Thriller Movie Poster Analysis:

Action/Thriller Movie Poster Analysis

The Dark Knight:

The Dark Knight With this movie poster they have used a very distinct colour scheme of blue and red. This blue filter that has been used creates a sense of loss of hope. This is because if they had used bright colours it would have given the poster a sense of urgency and desire but this calming blue shows that there is nobody who is going to stand up to an obvious enemy. They then used the contrasting red to show a defiance within the loss of hope. The red flames cut through the background and grab the audiences eye and as the flames shape out Batman's badge of authority it shows he is the one to stand up and fight. The fonts used in this poster are very bold and stand out against the background. The use of this bold and edgy font resembles the tough and unforgiving character of Batman. The pure white colour of the font not only helps it stand out but it gives the poster a sort of beacon of hope against the evil foe.

Safe House:

Safe House This movies poster effectively presents this film as an action/thriller. The bold and minimalistic use of text really hits home the gritty and tough conventions that this poster give off. The use of the colour red on ‘NO ONE IS SAFE’ really make it stand out from the black and white background and it gives the text and the poster a real sense of danger. They way they have also not filled up a lot of the poster with names and credits show that they are trying to promote their film with the names of their lead actors. The use of the black and white man in the background conveys that this man does not want you to know who he is. This would make the audience feel un-easy as the would find it hard to tell what he is doing/thinking. This is further reinforced by the way they have faded the edges of this man to make him fade into the black background.


Gamer This movie poster has used editing to greatly increase the audiences curiosity towards it. The use of the crack inside this mans face to reveal a person within him shows that this man has a completely different side or life to him. This is made even more apparent by the way they made one of the faces black and white and the other in colour. Another key thing to pick up on is the unnatural way the crack is formed. It doesn’t look as if somebody has smashed their way through, it looks like someone has digitally gained access to the other life inside of him. The catch line ‘Who’s playing you?’ gives the audience an almost personal feel to this poster. It also helps link to the image of the man conveys that he may not be in control of his own life .


Sanctum This movies poster really captured a sense of unknowing and mystery without giving away to much of the film. The colour scheme of blue and black really emphasis the fact that this diver is alone. This is done by the way they have focused most of bright blue light around the diver, but the further you drift away from the diver, the darker and more undistinguishable everything becomes. This alone greatly increase the feeling of being alone and not knowing what may be around you. The title reflects the poster of this film. The use of a gradient of blue and black makes the outskirts of the title harder to see and in the centre of it, there is shining blue light. This blue light however, doesn’t give off the conventions of feeling safe as the light reveals a hand, showing that even in the light, you are not safe.