Hurricane Ike

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Hurricane Ike:The Aftermath : 

Hurricane Ike:The Aftermath Created by: Luke Eiland ITEC 1301, Section # 23254 Instructor: Stacey McCroskey University of Houston

My Name is Luke Eiland : 

My Name is Luke Eiland This is Me This is Me and My Fiancée, Tara

Me and Hurricane Ike : 

Me and Hurricane Ike A View From My Loft After The Hurricane I have chosen this topic because although there was no damage to my own residence, there are hundreds of thousands of people that Hurricane Ike displaced from their homes. I dedicate this presentation to their memory.

Galveston Before Hurricane Ike : 

Galveston Before Hurricane Ike Galveston, Texas Galveston Island

Ike’s Aftermath : 

Ike’s Aftermath A single home is left standing among debris from Hurricane Ike September 14, 2008 in Gilchrist, Texas.

Post Ike Aerial Video of Bolivar : 

Post Ike Aerial Video of Bolivar

Post Hurricane Ike : 

Post Hurricane Ike Several Damaged Beach Houses A Beach House on Fire The surge before the storm swamps Galveston Island, Texas, and a fire destroys homes along the beach as Hurricane Ike approaches Friday, Sept. 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike Collage : 

Hurricane Ike Collage

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