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MGT 300- Final Case Analysis The XYZ Dilemma:

MGT 300- Final Case Analysis The XYZ Dilemma Team 2: Miracle Workers Shelbey Rogers, Lucy Tran Ho & Katie Holton


XYZ Company Key Strategic Issue Alternative Course of Actions Recommendation Implementation/Action Plan Critique Agenda

XYZ Company:

XYZ’s QT team functioned effortlessly under Brooks’ managerial leadership style Fen took over the division and implemented changes that weren’t conducive to the existing culture Employees felt stifled and morale and productiv ity came to an all-time low Fen was directed by the VP, Sangeet, to fix the problem (Ho, 2014) XYZ Company

Key Strategic Issue :

Key Strategic Issue Hill & Anteby Quote Fen’s new leadership style “of direct involvement and micromanagement” was not aligned with the already developed culture of the QT team. (Ho, 2014) Google ClipArt

Alternative Courses of Action :

Alternative Courses of Action Involvement of the QT Team Pentland - Science of Building Great Teams Seek Feedback from the QT Team Jackman & Strober - Fear of Feedback Seek a Third Party’s Advice Thompson - Team Decision Making Niche Pursuits

Recommended Course of Action :

Recommended Course of Action Seek feedback from the QT Team People Equation

Implementation/Action Plan :

Implementation/Action Plan Accept feedback as a gift Act quickly Select Target Areas Communicate widely and often Make it a team effort Develop and implement action plans Support improvement efforts Hold people accountable Evaluate and adjust as needs arise Make improvements visible Dealer Refresh

Critique of Case :

Critique of Case Fen’s Reasoning for Management Style Economic Times


References Hill, L. A., Anteby , M.J. (2006). Analyzing Work Groups, Harvard Business School cases, 9-407-032. Ho , L., (2014). The XYZ Dilemma Case Description. Jackman , J. M., & Strober , M. H. (2003). Fear of feedback. Harvard Business Review, 81(4), 101-107. Marrelli , A. F. ( n.d ) The Survey Results Action Guide. Retrieved November 19, 2014, from Pentland , A. (2012). The New Science of Building Great Teams, Harvard Business Review, 90(4), 60-70. Thompson , L. L., (2011).Team decision making: pitfalls and solutions,” in Making the team, 4th edition, pp 150-181, Boston: Prentice Hall.

Contributions to the Case:

Contributions to the Case Case Description: Lucy Tran Ho Key Strategic Issue/Problem Identification: Shelbey Rogers Alternative Courses of Action: Shelbey Rogers Recommended Course of Action: Katie Holton Implementation/Action Plan: Katie Holton Critique: Shelbey Rogers Coordinator: Katie Holton Editor: Teamwork

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