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Methods To Determine Area Under Curve:

Methods To Determine Area Under Curve

Area under curve :

Area under curve It reflects the total amount of active drug which reaches the systemic circulation. [AUC]=F.D0/clearance It is independent of route of administration and elimination process as long as it does not changes. AUC α dose

AUC can be determined by three methods :

AUC can be determined by three methods Physical method Cut and weight method Planimeter Trapezoidal method Integration method

Physical method:

Physical method Cut and weight method: in this method the curve was plotted ,it was cut out and weight at the electronic meter and weight is considered to be Area Under Curve. Planimeter : it is the instrument by which the the graph is measured and area under the curve was determined.

Trapezoidal method:

Trapezoidal method In this the plasma drug concentration versus time is plotted on an ordinary cartensian graph paper , it is divided into several trapezoids at the time of sampling points . The area of individual trapezoid is calculated and summed to get the Area Under Curve Area =1/2(Cn-1 + Cn ) ( tn - tn-1) If the sampling is done at equal interval of time then formula applied is: Area = ∆t/2 (C1+ 2C2………….2Cn-1+Cn) A general formula is Area =∑ Cn-1 + Cn /2( tn - tn-1)

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Plasma conc. time

Integration method:

Integration method In order to calculate AUC from time t to ∞ an integration of equation C = Co.e -kt with respect to time is carried AUC=Co/k



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