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Who am I?:

Who am I? A self-presentation

PowerPoint Presentation:

Objective: Create a 6-slide presentation about you. Each slide will contain different clues about you. The last slide will reveal your identity with a picture and your name.

My Early Years :

My Early Years I was born (complete birth date) I was born in (city and state) I have lived in (cities and states) I attended (school/s)

My Family :

My Family I have (number of brothers and sisters, including step brothers/sisters…) I have (how many pets and type of pets)

My Favorite Things :

My Favorite Things Name several of your favorites such as: My favorite football team is My favorite singer is My favorite food is My favorite color is My favorite subject in school is

My Hobbies :

My Hobbies List some things you enjoy doing using some of the formats below. I like to … I enjoy … I love to …

Who am I?:

Who am I?

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