Activism Project Fall 2010

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Activism ProjectFall 2010 : 

Activism ProjectFall 2010 Lauren Penley

Overview : 

Overview National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) ReCellular, Inc. Ending Violence In The Home

My Part : 

My Part Creating Flyers To Post Around Campus Collecting Cell Phones Sending phones to NCADV

Likes and Dislikes : 

Likes and Dislikes Likes: Activism Great Causes to Choose From Dislikes: Time Constraints Difficult to Organize

Complications : 

Complications Time constraints led to snags in our project Unable to Organize a Larger Phone Drive Therefore, we didn’t collect nearly as many phones as we would have liked

Changes I Would Have Made : 

Changes I Would Have Made I would have been more prepared I would have started planning earlier I would have tried to come up with another way to make people more aware of how they could participate individually

Thank You! : 

Thank You! Do you have any questions?