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This presentation discussed the impact of technology trends on people - their culture, interactions with each other and with the technology. Delivered as an OpenTalk at OpenText Content World 2011. This is not a product pitch!


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The Future Upon Us Lubor Ptacek VP, Strategic Marketing Twitter: @LPTACEK


The future Us Agenda

The Future IS Upon Us…:

The Future IS Upon Us… Mobility Cloud Analytics Social Business Big Data Customer Experience Augmented Reality Crowd-Sourcing Voice Recognition …Get Ready!!!

Get Ready for Transparency:

Get Ready for Transparency The future President of the United States is on Facebook today

We Will Learn to Live with Transparency:

We Will Learn to Live with Transparency Well documented life Our work is traceable and often public Personal information Affiliations, memberships, accomplishments, etc. ...even without Facebook !

Get Ready for Video…Everywhere:

Get Ready for Video…Everywhere

Get Ready to be Tracked:

Get Ready to be Tracked

Get Ready to be Chipped:

Get Ready to be Chipped

The Advantages Must be Considered :

The Advantages Must be Considered Constant authentication with strong security Data and devices House, car Medical records Safety Border crossing, Restricted area access No more Amber Alerts Secure transactions NFC-authorized purchases

Get Ready for Personal Records:

Get Ready for Personal Records

Get Ready to be Rated:

Get Ready to be Rated

Abstinence is Not a Solution:

Abstinence is Not a Solution Identity theft You’ll be rated, like it or not Gaps in history Peer vouching You really might be left behind

Get Ready to be Brief:

Get Ready to be Brief

Get Ready for Voice Recognition:

Get Ready for Voice Recognition

People are not Good Verbal Communicators (at least for Computers):

People are not Good Verbal Communicators (at least for Computers)

But There Is Hope:

But There Is Hope

PowerPoint Presentation:

Thank you! Gratuity Appreciated! Twitter: @ lptacek