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Everything You Need to Know About Copying : 

Everything You Need to Know About Copying By: Colton and Collin

Copyright : 

Copyright If an author copyrights their work it give them an exclusive right for a certain time period to that work. Example: Copyrighting a book or song.

Trademark : 

Trademark A trademark is a sign that indicate that a thing belongs to a certain company and can not be copied In any way. Example: A logo for a company.

Fair Use : 

Fair Use This means you can only use a copyrighted item without permission for a limited time. Example: Using a picture from Google on a book report that you are not selling.

Piracy : 

Piracy Piracy can also be called copyright infringement. Piracy is the use of a copyrighted item without permission. Example: Illegally downloading music from the internet.

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