Sugar Addiction is to Stop Eating Sugar with Meditation


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While sugar may taste good, it can be bad for your health, especially when taken in excess.


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Stop Your Sugar Addiction with Meditation :

Stop Your Sugar Addiction with Meditation


While sugar may taste good, it can be bad for your health, especially when taken in excess. This is why many people consider quitting it for good. If you're trying to curb your sugar addiction, you may find it difficult to do so. After all, sugar is almost present in every food we eat. But did you know that you can strengthen your resolve to quit sugar by learning how to meditate ? Here's how.


1. Stop eating sugar The first step to curbing your sugar addiction is to stop eating sugar. Although it is easier said than done, this is a necessary step to ensure that you won't be addicted to sugar anymore. Sure, there will be cravings and withdrawal symptoms in the first few days, but everything gets better when you get used to not having sugar in your diet.


2. Consume fat, fibre , and protein To wean yourself off sugary foods, focus on eating foods that will easily satisfy you. For example, fat, fibre , and protein will keep you full and at the same time, keep your blood sugar steady. Also, be sure to eat the right kind of food at breakfast. Remember, what you'll eat for breakfast will set the tone for the entire day.


3. Get an in-depth understanding of the nature of cravings According to the First Noble Truth of Buddhism, "life is suffering," while the Second Noble Truth says that "craving is the cause of suffering." The reason why craving is causing you suffering is that the satisfaction you get from satisfying your craving is only temporary and short-lived.


When our body processes sugar, you may notice that the satisfaction we get from eating sweets is fleeting. In fact, for most people, the anticipation of eating sweets is often more pleasant than the actual act of eating sweets. To break your sugar addiction, therefore, you must treat food as nourishment rather than a source of pleasure.


4. Meditate If you're still suffering from cravings, taking the time to meditate will certainly help. Through meditation , you can stop your mind and body from being too restless. When you just sit still and focus on your breath, you will be able to teach both your mind and body not to crave sugar anymore.


5. Find other sweetness According to Charles Eisenstein, author of the Yoga of Eating, the reason why we are addicted to sugar is because we are out of touch with the sweetness of life. By finding and reclaiming sweetness in other forms such as love, intimacy, and family, we won't crave as much sugar as before.


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