blue fairy penguins

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Blue Fairy Penguins:

Blue Fairy Penguins The smallest penguin.

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Penguins that are 13in and that don't live in Antarctica sounds a little odd at first, but there is one and, it's called a Blue Fairy Penguin. Intro

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Habitat The Blue Fairy Penguin's live on the southern coastlines of Australia. It lives there because the water there is warmer. It's habitat is called a tidal zone. A tidal zone means that the Blue Fairy Penguins lives out of the water, but that they also spend much time in the water.

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Where It Lives Lives Blue Fairy Penguins live in a burrow, that they build. Few live in caves or in bushes. They try to make their burrows safe so that their predators won’t find them. They are always trying to be safe, because of their size they can't protect themselves well. In Burrow

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What it Eats Eats Anchovies fish The Blue Fairy Penguins eat anchovies fish, squid, and krill. When it sees it’s prey it dives straight for it. It can dive for as deep as 20m, and can be underwater for 1 min. It's elevation is from sea level to 70ft below sea level.

Temperature :

Temperature About the highest temperature it can be is about 82*F to 90*F. Also about the lowest is from 20*F to 30*F. Warm Cold

Plants :

Plants There are many different types of plants in the Blue Fairy Penguin's habitat. Some of the plants are calamifolia, myrtifolia, notabilis, ericoides, coccifera, and also parvula. These names sound different. They do because these plants are in a different continent. calamifolia Ericoides coccifera

Animals :

Animals There are also many animals in the Blue Fairy Penguins habitat. Some animals are whales, squid,crocodiles, saw fish, big cuttle fish, and of course Blue Fairy Penguins. Most of these animals you probably know what they are besides maybe one or two. Saw Fish Big Cuttlefish

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Structural Adaptation The Blue Fairy Penguin’s structural adaptation is their feathers, because they help them glide through the water quickly. Also their flippers help them swim even faster. These to adaptations help them get away from predators.

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Behavioral Adaptation You will hardly ever see a Blue Fairy Penguin during the day, in the water. The only place you could see them is in their burrows, or at dusk when they go for a swim. They choose to do this to stay away from predators. Also when they are young they eat what their mothers throw up for them.

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Physiological Adaptation The Blue Fairy Penguins keep themselves warm using their blubber, witch is a physiological adaptation. This sounds like a structural adaptation, but it isn't. It's not because the blubber is inside of them, and not outside their body. Since it helps them be warm and it's inside them it becomes a physiological adaptation.

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