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Vmobile Technologies Inc. TEAM POVERTY KILLERS The Perfect Opportunity Empower yourself thru technology!

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What Can You Do with Your Cell Phones? Poverty Killers group property Technology Today

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SMS CALLS MMS CP(s) Expense Generating Device

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GOAL : Technopreneur Personal Loads Family Loads E njoy the ff: Savings Opportunity – time & financial freedom Empowerment Technology-Entrepreneurship Program

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Head Office : 19 th & 20 th floors, Galleria Corporate Center, Edsa , Cor., Ortigas Ave., Quezon City HEAD OFFICE Established 2008

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A member company of P ENTA C APITAL Investment Corporation A Financing Company – Quasi Bank 7 group of Companies Established in 1957

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Vmobile Data Center Penta Capital ownership of LOADXTREME Thru Acquisition In 2007

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Today’s Basic Needs Food Clothing Shelter Load

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“ Just because you like the product doesn’t mean everyone else will. Finding a Common denominator in product appeal will matter.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki “Make sure the product is worth your energy .” -Donald Trump MLM Business Experts say… Product Appeal “ If you’re trying to form a business, and humans aren’t buying your stuff , I’m not exactly sure how you’re going to make money.” -Noah St. John

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Unlimited Potential Huge Expanding Business 80 Million Cell phone Users 1.3 Billion Texts Per day Business Potential

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45.6 Millions Smart Subscribers 26.5 Millions Globe Subscribers 14 Millions Sun Cellular Subscribers Market : Given People from All Walks of Life !

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P3,988.00 www.vm O bile.com.ph Get Started With Your Disposable Capital Fast Track Franchise

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Technopreneur Access Card /Franchise System 20 Technouser access cards/ DISCOUNT CARDS Value of Package P5,000 Technical guides Fast track Package : Franchise system (P3,988.00) Discount Lists

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Under Vmobile , You Can Be A TechnoUser : P250 Retail prepaid loads Lifetime Discounts Or a TechnoPreneur : P3,988.00 who can: Get discounts on all prepaid loads Register TechnoUsers , and Earn Commissions from their load sales. Endorsement Business Royalty Income!

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Potential Income P30,000/mo P30,000/wk P30,000/day

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Convenience Load yourself, family, and friends anytime, anywhere 24/7 www.loadxtreme.ph Discounts Lifetime discounts on your Personal/Family, and shared loads. Access All Networks Smart, globe, sun, and other Vmobile Services Vmobile Benefits

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Pin based cards Electronic Loads Landline cards Broadband Cable cards Online games Electronic MRT Card Line of products

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ENDORSEMENT INCOME The Big Picture of this Business -Trillion dollars Business world-wide www.mylx.biz ROYALTY INCOME ( Passive) Income round the clock -Your money works for you PATRONAGE REWARDS Thru personal load Consumptions & your sales organization Vmobile Opportunities

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4 BUSINESS FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCES by:Warren Buffett 1. Niche - This means the business has a core competence and potential market. - Will make money in good times & bad. 2 . Leverage - Having “ PARNTERS ” is Leverage. NOTE : if you want to be Rich you need Leverage . If you want to be really Rich. You need a lot of Leverage. 3. Expandability - How far can the leverage be expanded? 4. Predictability – Is my income predictable if I do what is expected of me? Good Business have these:

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Two kinds Mind Set WORK HARD = 100% effort – Small Income WORK SMART = Less Effort – Big Income 100% EFFORT = Employees, Self employed, Laborers, Load retailers… LESS EFFORT = Businessmen, Investors, Endorsers… LEVERAGE What Mind Set does millionaire have?

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What Do these People have In Common? LEVERAGE The Billionaires Mind Set RICH FAMOUS POWERFUL Risk Takers

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You as ENDORSER Vmobile is not all about selling loads… It’s about Consumer Empowerment! Benefits Opportunity Vmobile Business Concept Convenience Discounts Access all Networks P30,000 / DAY

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Endorsement Fee For every Franchise Endorsed earn Php 500 YOU (Partners) A ( Partners) B 500 500 500 500 500 Do Leverage: Your Success in the making! ENDORSEMENT ( UNLIMITED )

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Franchise Royalty Bonus Php 500 (1 is to 1 franchise) YOU Partners A Partners B 5 5 2,500.00 10 10 5,000.00 20 20 10,000.00 60 100 30,000.00 40 Up to Infinity; Carry over ROYALTY INCOME LIMITED P30,000/day Your TEAM

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Ensures to have an EQUAL INCOME OPPORTUNITY to all Franchisers of VmObile . 30,000 / day 210,000 / week 900,000 / month Safety Net

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Expand your Business Nationwide NO BOUNDARIES of OPPORTUNITY! Expandability

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Expand your Business Worldwide Vmobile is Boundless! World wide Market

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Credible Company background Penta Capital Investment Corp. Product Appeal Load is Basic Needs Marketing Schemes No Hard Selling No Quota No Maintenance Leverage Capability - Doable -Duplicable -Achievable Vmobile Advantage

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Imagine the Intensity of texting! Imagine 80 Million Load Consumers! Imagine, You are One of them! Imagine vmObile w/ Life Changing Opportunity! Imagine , … IF you MISS IT ALL ! www.loadxtreme.ph Think About This Reality !

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“Texting is forever.” - Mla Bulletin 2010 Convenience Discounts & OPPORTUNITY Vmobile Cares Enjoy Technology

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Kill Poverty thru Technology NOW IT’S TIME TO SHARE Vmobile to 80 Million Filipinos Texting every single Day!

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Success Stories John Jester Ching Student Ateneo de Davao Vmobile Millionaires Club

Slide 35:

Success Stories Rob Monroy 21 yr Old Newly Graduate Vmobile Millionaires Club

Slide 36:

Success Stories Mitch Santillan Vmobile Millionaires Club

Slide 37:

Success Stories Galen Aaron De la Cruz Vmobile Millionaires Club

Slide 38:

Success Stories Hazel Go Vmobile Millionaires Club

Slide 39:

Success Stories Martin Mijares Vmobile Millionaires Club

Slide 40:

Success Stories Roy Anton Azana Vmobile Millionaires Club

Slide 41:

Radzel Estocada : Started February 2010

Slide 42:

Mr. Gerrard Gallego : Started January 2010 Vmobile Millionaires club

Slide 43:

Mr. Romee Lozada : Started September 2009 Vmobile Millionaires Club

Slide 44:

Mr. Paul Vincent Guasque Vmobile Millionaires Club

Slide 45:

Success Stories Condo Units: The Fort, Global City

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Vmobile Millionaires Club First Batch: 14 Millionaires

Slide 47:

National Convention SMX Mall of Asia

Slide 48:

Announcement of latest Innovations Up- Coming Vmobile -Smart SIM

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National Convention: Smart Communication as Sole Sponsor Speaker: Mr. Manny Perez Smart Communication key Accounts Director

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Our Commitment! Allow Vmobile to help you achieve your goals and dreams in life. Our humble commitment…, We will guide you all the way to the TOP. Welcome to Vmobile You made a wise decision… Thank you!

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