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An insulated shipping container is a container type used widely for the shipment of temperature-sensitive products such as fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, organs, certain chemicals. It lets you keep goods for longer without having to worry about spoilage or rotten.


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What Is Insulated Shipping Container | LOTUS Containers An insulated shipping container is a container type used widely for the shipment of temperature- sensitive products such as fruits vegetables pharmaceuticals organs certain chemicals. It lets you keep goods for longer without having to worry about spoilage or rotten. The steel box container from outside tends to suffer wear and tear when comes in contact with the direct sun harsh wind and salty seawater. They rust and often end with leaks and damage but the insulation done from inside in the insulated container prevents the damage of goods from leaks condensation or external temperature. They have insulated panels roofs and doors to maintain the temperature of the product. Unlike refrigerated shipping containers they do not have a built-in refrigeration unit thus cannot heat or cool themselves. But it can retain the temperature of the cargo for a specific length of time. There are several different types and sizes of insulated containers available but the one that is used in shipping lines are big in size and can be used repeatedly for multiple shipments. 20’ insulated Inner Dimension- 19’1x’6x7’5 Outer dimension- 19’10x8x8’6 Door opening- 7’6x7’5 Max gross weight- 67200 pd

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40’ insulated Inner Dimension- 39’2x7’6x7’5 Outer dimension- 40’x8x8’6 Door opening- 7’6x7’5 Max gross weight- 67200pd 40’ high cube insulated Approximately 30 cm higher than the standard shipping boxes Inner Dimension- 39’2x7’4x8’4 Outer dimension- 40’x8’x9’6 Door opening- 7’6x8’4 Max gross weight- 74960pd From the past few years its usage and popularity have increased much more especially when used as a building material for constructing houses offices or stores etc. How you can insulate the shipping container There are various ways by which you can do it but the most commonly used materials are fiberglass closed-cell spray foam Styrofoam rigid polystyrene foam or some coating available in the market. Let’s see some of the easiest ways of insulating a shipping container Styrofoam: Styrofoam is a quick affordable cost-effective way to insulate a storage container from inside. It does not require any build-out of stud walls to safeguard the panels because the panels are stuck directly onto the walls using glue. Or these are mounted on bars that are flush on the walls. Batt: Batt is a type of insulating material made of finely woven strands of glass mineral wool or plastic fibers. This insulation is highly preferred when the container is modified for residential purposes like building a house offices etc. Once the wooden framing work is completed R 13 or R 19 batt insulation is installed to it entirely. Spray Foam: Spray foam is widely used to solve the insulation and condensation issue in shipping containers both from the interior and exterior. It sets as a hard water-resistant covering. Unlike batt it does not require any wooden framing because it is sprayed directly on the walls of a container. Any of these ways are tremendously effective in making a storage container temperature resistance. Well a big question can still hover the mind like- from where to buy a good quality container should I go for new or used etc. We here at LOTUS Containers have been satisfying our customer

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needs for more than a decade by offering a wide range of storage and shipping containers. Get in touch and know from the expert as if which size insulated box can best suit your purpose.

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