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Top 10 innovative ways to use modular shipping containers Though shipping containers are extensively being used by the shipping companies for the storage transportation of goods from one location to another its uses have incredibly increased in the construction field as well. After journeying the seven seas for years they are finding second lives as an affordable green building material. It may sounds a bit eye-raising but the fact has intrigued big chunks of people around the world. The containers that were primarily used only for storage and shipment are now tremendously being hired for building homes sauna classrooms hostels bridges swimming pools mobile modular office trailers stores and innumerable things. You may wonder how But their use as building materials has grown in popularity over the past few years because of their stiffness durability affordability and wide availability. The other reason for supporting its use as a building material is its environmental friendliness. The statement has been contradicted by many experts saying that most of the cargotecture companies prefer new shipping containers for building than the used one. But there are still many cargotectures who ace in refurbishing old used shipping containers into beautiful buildings for residence workplace and entertainment purposes. Why they work as a wonderful alternative to building materials • Easy to dismantle model and reassemble • No civil foundation needed

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• Durable and strong to withstand the extreme climatic condition • Proper insulation makes it Weatherproof Waterproof and leaks proof • Possibility for all modern fixings like AC Geyser Smoke Detector etc Here I’m weighing some of the mesmerizing modelings of modular containers Homes While thinking of building a home what generally comes to mind are –bricks cement iron bars etc. Nowhere shipping containers find their existence. So where does the idea originated from The idea was evolved when Philip Clark a US resident filed a patent of ‘converting shipping boxes into a habitable building’ in the year 1987. He outlined in the patent all the useful information that how a steel box can be refurbished into a beautiful home. It was since then containers are extremely being used to construct homes with perfect modifications with eye-pleasing designs. ‘PV14 House’ in Texas is one of those stunning house built in 3700 square feet by using 14 containers has caught great attention of people aspiring to own a container built house.

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Offices Shipping containers are blank canvases that are refurbished to construct all types of structures including commercial office buildings and spaces. While building mobile mini 20’ open bay office from a single box is quite common many more companies have now stretched the limits and look forward to buying and leasing mobile modular office trailers and buildings as well. Container built office is also a profound option for the emerging entrepreneurs who do not want to spend much on renting or buying a brick made office space. Also space constraints are a major issue in many parts of the world and modular shipping containers have been effectively used to tackle this issue.

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Swimming Pool Ever thought how cool it would be to have a pool in your courtyard It is no more to astonish about the fact that shipping boxes are enormously being converted into a stunning swimming pool. Without any digging and civil construction 20’ and 40’ shipping containers can easily be dropped on your location and can be modified as a pool within a day. The best thing is that they are portable environment- friendly and cost-effective.

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Shop and Stores There are many companies who give previously dull-looking containers a fresh and stunning look by building small shops and long laying mega stores. From pedaling ice cream to hawkers selling households these boxes have been refurbished to beautifully serve retailing needs. The size strength and strapping nature of cargo containers makes them ideal for roadside shops and stall even large shopping malls. One of the best examples is the world’s largest mall built from 200 shipping containers in Korea lying in 5300 square meters.

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Bridges The Idea of building bridges from large corrugated steel boxes came into light when architects from Yoav Messer proposed their 525 feet-long bridge design connecting Lod Road to the Arial Sharon National park in Israel. The proposal states that the construction will be followed by using recycled shipping containers supporting pedestrian and light weight vehicles. Some of the features like- low-cost durability robust easy to set up and its environment friendliness make it ideal to construct bridges.

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Schools and Hostels Thinking of container built schools and hostels may not give a pleasing visualization. But some cargotecture companies have made it possible to build bigger spacious and usable schools and hostels with an attractive look and feel infrastructure. Various schools are finding it a good option to construct classrooms out of shipping boxes. The biggest advantage associated with this is whenever the school wants to relocate or shift they can easily bring the buildings along with them. The Shooter Hill Campus and Horniman School stand well to display how perfectly classrooms can be extracted out of them. The Dock Inn in Germany stands well to be a wonderful example of a quirky accommodation option. The hostel has 64 rooms giving space to at least 188 people to reside. What can be more creative affordable and cost-effective than this

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Emergency Hospitals Ever heard of the term of ‘Clinic in a Can’ It’s been years that mobile containers are hugely being used for the construction of emergency hospitals or small clinical space. These emergency hospitals being portable acts a true lives saver as it can be carried and transported to any places. Similar to the ambulance they are widely used during the time of contingencies such as war accidents natural disasters etc when rushing with hundreds of patients in hospitals is not possible. There comes the enormous use of portable emergency hospitals.

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Disco bars Cargo containers have also found great acceptance among the disco bar-loving and the pop-hopping crowd. The concept is so simple a truck brings up few containers and drop off at your desired location. With the effort of a sharp handed architecture and designer they can instantly be constructed as a night club. A pop-up shipping containers night club will really give you a ‘wow’ factor with its luxuriousness at any event.

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Sauna How about building a small sauna for you in the corner of your house or the garden Squeezing foam balls doesn’t always help everyone relieve stress to the people who love to spend their quality time in peace- container built sauna could be the best option for them. Constructed from recycled cargo containers it can be easily available at cheap negotiable prices with unique designs.

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Gymnasium If you’re planning to open a gym or a sports center but do not have enough money to buy or rent space- then this one is for you. 20’ and 40’ shipping containers make the perfect solution for a gym as they are portable customizable and cost-effective. By properly refurbishing it with locking facilities and other modifications it can give you a perfect place to carry your workouts and run your gym business without making a big investment. Conclusion No dubiety container aided construction has gone just beyond the imagination. Cargotecture professionals can now build anything coming in mind out of portable storage shipping containers. The trend is spreading at a great pace around the world where every day thousands of orders are received and finalized to construct buildings from containers. If you are also in the row then there is no point to delay. Hire brand new or old containers from a profound company like LOTUS Containers and contact your architecture team to build one for you.

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