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We pride ourselves at being a one-stop shop to meet all your colored diamond needs. We guarantee a product that’s absolutely safe, competitively priced, and of consistent quality.


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Color Enhanced Diamonds manufactures, distributes and markets… LOTUS COLORS, INC.

Why Lotus Colors…:

Why Lotus Colors… The Lotus group of companies manufactures, distributes and markets color enhanced diamonds. We guarantee a product that’s absolutely safe, regularly supplied in great variety, competitively priced, and strictly graded for consistent quality. We pride ourselves at being a one-stop shop to meet all your colored diamond needs. We are among the few companies to have started certifying colored enhanced diamonds using established gem labs globally.

Loose Color Enhanced Diamonds :

Loose Color Enhanced Diamonds Colored diamonds are ideal for the global market. We carry a large variety of colors, sizes and shapes at different price points. Colors - Our diamonds come in various shades of blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, cognac, red and black. Sizes - We carry sizes ranging from 0.005 carat to 3 carat, with certain colors available in sizes up to 4-5 carats. Cuts - We carry all the colors in round brilliant cuts and blue, pink, green and yellow in princes cuts. Other fancy shapes are also available in blue, pink, green & yellow in 0.50 cts and larger sizes. Price Points - We assort the stones of each color, size and cut by quality to meet different price points.

Pink Diamonds:

Pink Diamonds Pink is associated with love and femininity and is one of the world's most rare and valuable diamond. We carry Ice Pink diamonds in rounds and princes cuts. The rounds we carry range from 0.01 ct to 3.5 ct and the princes range from 0.03 ct to 2.50 ct. We also carry various fancy shapes in 0.50 cts up stones.

Green Diamonds:

Green Diamonds All our green diamonds are irradiated. We grade our green diamonds in three shades with Ice Green being the lightest and Forest Green being the darkest. The Ice Greens are made using lighter shades and hence are more expensive whereas the Forest Greens are made using darker shades and hence are cheaper.

Yellow Diamonds:

Yellow Diamonds Fancy yellow diamonds come in a broad range of shades ranging from light yellow to a rich canary color. We desire our yellow diamonds to be bright and intense in color and not have any greenish, brownish or orangish undertones. We carry yellow diamonds in rounds and princes cuts.

Blue Diamonds:

Blue Diamonds Blue being easily wearable is one of the most fashionable colors as can be seen from the popularity of sapphires and tanzanite's. All our blue diamonds are irradiated. We grade our blues in four shades with Aqua Blues being the lightest and Royal Blues being the darkest.

Purple Diamonds:

Purple Diamonds The Purple Diamond is one of the most beautiful diamonds. Purple Diamonds come in a variety of intensities. The stronger the color the more beautiful is the purple diamond and thus more expensive. We carry purple & pink in rounds from 0.01 ct to 1 ct

Red & Orange Diamonds:

Red & Orange Diamonds Red diamonds are extremely rare and expensive We carry reds & cognacs in mainly smaller sizes ranging from 0.005 ct to 1.5 cts in rounds. We carry 3 different qualities based on shade and clarity enabling us to meet different price points. The darker and less brighter ones are usually cheaper.

Black Diamonds:

Black Diamonds Chic and stylish, black diamonds are always in fashion We carry a wide variety of Black Diamonds ranging from 0.01 ct to 3 cts

Contact Us:

Contact Us LOTUS COLORS, INC. 576 Fifth Avenue,Suite # 1104 New York, NY 10036 Tel : (212) 730-4323 E-mail : [email protected] Contact : Mrs. Jacklyn Azari Url:

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