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LostFoundLink has evolved from just a simple idea into a worthwhile service helping to reduce a large worldwide problem. The biggest threat of losing a passport is loss of identity. So, it is highly risky if you lose while travelling. https://goo.gl/TduVos


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5 Valuable Things People Easily Lose While Travelling  How frequent you travel overseas If you are a frequent traveller for sure you would have                                 experienced that travel can be disorienting at times. Everything happens in a hustle and bustle -                                 jumping from taxi to airport airport to hotel and hotel to other destination. In addition you suffer                                   from fatigue and jet lag. So many changes and rush at a time can lead you to ​lose something along                                         the way ​.     Either you forgot or misplace your valuables. Whatever the case is losing valuables is both                               frustrating and expensive. Not to forgot losing stuff is emotionally exhausting.    Which are those topmost things that people easily lose while travelling    Globally 19 percent of items are lost on public transport. Have you ever lose anything while                                 travelling If not great But be careful these are the topmost 5 things that people easily lose while                                     travelling:

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1. Cell phones          No surprise at all Cell phones fall under the category of items that can be easily misplaced not                                     only while travelling but also at places like restaurants pubs bars offices and hotels. In case you                                   lose your cell phone on the road it can be much more difficult to retrieve.     At anytime the real cost including sentimental value of a lost mobile device goes far beyond the                                   price of replacement.     2. Passports     Figures released by the Foreign Office have revealed that tens of thousands of UK passports have                                 been reported as either lost or stolen overseas.      According to BBC News 37140 passports were lost over the five-year period. The prime reason                               behind lost passports is assumed to its routine use for illegal activities. However that cannot be                                 the case for each and every ​lost passport ​. It may happen that you might lose it accidently while                                     travelling.     The biggest threat of losing a passport is loss of identity. So it is highly risky if you lose while                                         travelling. Further replacing a lost passport is always been a lengthy legal procedure in any                               country.     3. Laptops

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A 2012 study reported that about 12000 laptops are lost in airports every week. Laptops are one                                   of the most precious items for business tourists since it is usually loaded with a bunch of private                                     and confidential data. If you lose your laptop filled with work information it can damage not only                                   the business you work for but also your career. In addition such incidents change peers and                                 colleagues’ perception of you.     With younger people making their phones and laptops more central to their lives this age group                                 was more upset about losing them than their older counterparts.     4. Wallets     Yes a mini bag that contains your identity cards credit cards debit cards and money – “wallet” is                                     also a common thing which you can lose while travelling. Wallets being a pocket item you never                                   know at what time it got slipped. And that’s how you lose while travelling. Imagine the pain of                                     losing your wallet in a foreign land. Too many difficulties can crop up in fraction of seconds –                                     arranging money getting back cards etc.     5. Cameras     Travellers can’t travel without their best buddies called cameras. After all those vacation photos                             are not replaceable. If you lose your camera you will lose your once in a lifetime memories                                   forever.      At last…     Some things have sentimental not monetary value but their loss is no less painful.              Is there any way to prevent yourself from losing your valuables while travelling Do drop in your                                   thoughts in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

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