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Who is exempt from the topographical test Whenever a driver is applying to get a private hire license in each to apply for the PCO license and then he has to go through many tests and by the transport for London authority. First of all person is required to fill the PCO driver applicationand submit it along with the application fee and after that he needs to get his medical done. After he clears these two stages then he is eligible to apply for the various test set by the transport for London authority. A person is required to mainly dear the B1 English certificate and the topographical test. Topographical tests checks the skills of the person to read a map and to have an understanding after directions. This is the basic ability that a driver should have to read a map through A to Z.There are various Agencies that help the driver to clear the topographical test they provide the full training and practice session for him. Operation get the free map and other material that is required to clear the test and also get 24/7 Full support. The person approximately requires 2 hours to complete the training session of map reading. A person does not need to get any tension as he needs to only pay attention for 2 hours carefully and then he will be able to score at least 60 of the marks. According to the new rules of the transport for London authority driver is required you only get 60 of the marks in the topographical test and then he will be e eligible to give other tests and to get the Pco Licence Application. There is only limited number of help center that help and driver to clear the topographical test and therefore a driver should find these as they will provide the authentic services to the driver which will definitely ensure that driver pass the map reading test. These support agencies make sure that the driver does not get distracted during the training session and they provide a really good working environment which helps the driver to concentrate so that he

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can clear the test. A person can only be exempted from the topographical test if he shows some certificate that ensures that a person is qualified and can read the map and have all the skills required to read a map. Read More: Uber licence Read More: Topographical training

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