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If you are running a real estate business then hire our world-class real estate attorney to avoid real estate property fraud. In the real estate business properties are buying and selling and for that legal documents are required to avoid the fraud, at that time having Real Estate attorney Las Vegas is very important to you. At Lombino Law Studio, we have many professional and experienced attorneys for all type of business. Hire us today! Call on (702) 623-7733 Visit our website: https://www.lombino.com/real-estate-attorney-las-vegas


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Phone: (702) 623-7733 Welcome to Lombino Law Studio www.lombino.com

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About Our Firm www.lombino.com Charles Lombino graduated from the U.C.L.A. School of Law having received various awards and scholarships. Aside from working as a law review staff member in the university, he was also an intern for the Hon. David W. Williams in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. He also matriculated from Northwestern University with honors in both Political Science and Sociology. At Northwestern, he was a 3-year B.A. candidate and a member of the rugby team.

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Business Lawyer Las Vegas www.lombino.com Running a business requires a lot of sweat and blood and even if you have the passion and drive to reach your business goals, you need someone who can guide you through the complexities. There are numerous legal requirements for running a business smoothly and government regulations are a complex maze that you need to steer through. You will require a trusted business advisor that can help you with all the legal matters and assist you in creating the business that you envision.

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Real Estate Attorney Las Vegas www.lombino.com When do I need to hire a Real Estate attorney in Las Vegas ? This is a very common question asked by buyers and sellers. The answer can be complicated and depends on various factors. No matter what, having a professional by your side offers many advantages but in some circumstances, hiring a Real Estate Lawyer in Las Vegas, is mandatory. Some projects are complicated, stressful and expensive and you simply cannot handle everything yourself.

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