Water is life EXPERIMENTS

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Water is life:

Water is life

Comenius Team:

Comenius Team

Getting water from gypsum:

G etting water from gypsum Crushing gypsum in a mortar Heating with a burner


Conclusions Gypsum is hydrate calcium sulphate (VI) . This means that each molecule of calcium sulphate is combined with two molecules of water . During the heating decomposition occurs .

Chemical Reaction:

Chemical Reaction This proves that two molecules of gypsum releases three water molecules

Getting water from copper (II) sulphate (VI):

G etting water from copper (II) sulphate (VI) Put the blue crystals of copper (II) sulphate (VI) To the test tube Subject to heating

Conclusion and chemical reaction:

Conclusion and chemical reaction After heating, a chemical reaction shows that water combined with copper sulphate determines its colour . Copper (II) sulphate (VI) Pentahydrate BLUE Copper (II) sulphate WHITE WATER

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Presentation By Bartek Bronkowski „Br0neK” Mateusz Binkowski „ Biniu ” Tomek Siekanka Kamil Karpus

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