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Add Text to Photo with Watermark Logo, Stickers, Copyright & TradeMark Stamps!


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Text on Photos with Logo, Emoji & Stickers: Logext:

Text on Photos with Logo, Emoji & Stickers: Logext By Auto Stamper

Overview of App :

Overview of App Logext (Logo & Text) is a free-to-use “LOGO, TEXT and STICKERS” Editing Application which Watermarks your Photographs with ◇ Classy Texts and Words Phrases ◇ Copyright Logo ◇ Trademark Stickers ◇ Fun Emojis


Features ✌ Add your own Watermark Logo Easily import and add your Brand Logo as Watermark ✌ Emoji Stickers  Add emoji to photo to create different emotions on it ✌ Copyright Logo Varieties of styles to add copyright watermark to photo for security reasons ✌ Birthday Stickers Add birthday stickers to photos and wish your loved one’s

Who Can use this App?:

Who Can use this App? Copyright and Trademark: Easily markup all your photographs with copyright and trademark logos with this app. Photographers: This app can be your savior if you are new into photography world and looking to build some authority. Designers: - Designers can easily add watermark or copyright tags on their work before sharing it online!

Why to Choose Logext?:

Why to Choose Logext? ➺ Free to Download App  ➺ User Friendly Interface ➺ Works Offline  ➺ No loss of image quality ➺ Import Pictures or Click Instantly

Winding up:

Winding up Concluding the features and functionality of Logext we can get the most out from a single application. So download this application right away to markup each of your photos captured with default built-in camera or gallery images with Logo & Text!