Giant pandas

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Giant pandas:

Giant pandas By: Maya O tterback J ulie J akubiak

Panda diets:

Panda diets .bamboo is 99% of the pandas diet .they spin 16 hours a day eating .bamboo is pandas favorite food .bamboo is grass

Where pandas live:

Where pandas live .panda bears are found at the top of yangtze basin in china They live in a bamboo forest

Panda trouble:

Panda trouble Pandas becoming exctinked There could be fewer than 1000 pandas left in the wild

Panda babies:

Panda babies Pandas are pink when born pandas are called cubs when babies Pandas can have twins but can only care for one A new born panda weighs 4 oz. and is the size of a stick of butter

Panda sinces :

Panda sinces Pandas have bad eye sight Pandas have good smelling and hearing

panda fun facts:

panda fun facts Pandas have something like thumbs they use to help them eat bamboo The chines name for pandas is daxicng mao ( dahshwing ma- hoo ) Pandas snore It takes 50 pandas to weigh as much as one elephent

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