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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Elizabeth Piggott

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Like real media products, we used correct credit labelling, for instance adding extras on the ends of editors names, A.C.E, we used this illustrate that we were aiming to give the audience a sense of realism, resembling a traditional film. With music and voice over’s, we used this to create a sense of uncertainty and confusion, films like ‘Se7en’ also use non diagetic sounds to add mystification to the audience, and this the film we used to help base our ideas and music around. Camera shots and angles are a massive way of showing the audience how we are trying to portray our characters; we used high angles to make Gracey look weak and vulnerable – this connotes a young girl who doesn’t know herself anymore and that she doesn’t know where she belongs, as she never looks content or happy because the camera is used in a way that will not represent these emotions. Also in the opening sequence we used the hand-held camera to create disorientation, we then sped up this scene, which allowed us to resemble Gracey’s mind, and how muddled up it is. To hook the viewer into wanting to watch the rest of the film, we added little sections of dialogue which explains something that is not revealed to the audience, it keeps the audience hooked as they want to find out whether she did or did not do the crime, also they will want to keep watching to find out what happens to Gracey, to see if she finds her self or not, or to see what ends up happening to her. USE

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To develop my film into having conventions from real media products, we used creative titles, the titles faded – this added a mysterious look, this then related to the film as it is a mystery what events Gracey unfolds for her self. The fonts on the titles are simple yet effective, on the last title to come onto the screen there is a shadow around the film title, this adds illusion – like someone it waiting on the shadow, this represents Gracey’s split personality. The logo that was devolved is child like, this connotes friendliness and safe, and however this eludes the audience into a false security because Gracey is not safe to be around as she is a danger to herself and others. Using eerie music we was able to use non diagetic sounds that adds emotion and misunderstanding this is something a real media product would do, because music sets the atmosphere for the scene. The finally convention to making ‘Losing Gracey’ into looking like a real media product was the production details, like a real film company we created a Twitter, and Facebook account, also I created a web page that gives the audience an insight to the film and to the film company – Alphabetz. DEVELOP

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On the final scene, we have a shot of Gracey and a voice over which explains how she feels emotionally lost, the final word of voice over said is ‘am I losing Gracey?’ this is when the title of ‘Losing Gracey’ comes up, it is timed perfectly, this challenges conventions of real media products, because it gives the sense of a cliff hanger, and these are normally found at the end of a film, not at the beginning. Before the titles come on we have some on the film clip, this is because it allows the audience to see a taster and then find out who created it. In the film we have no silent parts, we have dialogue or music the whole way through, the music volume changes so there is contrast between the light and dark side of Gracey. Unlike a real media product we have blank parts where there is no image on the screen for a second; this shows the change in Gracey and represents the other personality coming through. CHALLENGE

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