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We Can Set You Well On Your Way To Becoming A Successful Kitchen Fitter While the job of a kitchen ftter may seem self-evident – to install kitchens – there are many complexities around this. If you are thinking of entering the profession it is therefore important to consider whether you are a suitable person for this kind of role as well as what is involved in training to become a kitchen ftter and the rewards that you can expect. What can you expect to do in a kitchen ftting career Kitchen ftters do their work mainly in private homes but also in any other location where a kitchen may be needed such as an ofce or other workplace. The process of installing a kitchen tends to include the dismantling and removal of the old kitchen followed by the installation of the new units worktops and sink. On any one day your duties as a kitchen ftter are likely to include the use of a range of hand and power tools as well as measuring out work areas marking the location of pipes and cables and – of course – the actual ftting of units and appliances. Is it a lucrative profession A salary of between £13500 and £16000 is typical for someone just starting out as a professional kitchen ftter. This can rise to between £17000 and £24000 for those of an intermediate level of experience while the most seasoned ftters can typically command as high as £35000 a year. You need certain characteristics to excel as a kitchen ftter While this profession isn’t associated with any set route to employment with many people simply taking on small jobs frst and gradually expanding their skills from there it is nonetheless crucial to think carefully about whether this is the right line of work for you. There is no denying for example the highly physical nature of the work so being strong and able to cope with it all is vital. It’s also essential to have a

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good problem-solving head and a calm temperament as it’s not very often that a kitchen is ftted with no issues at all. For instance it might be the case that a given design doesn’t ft into the space where it needs to ft with situations like this requiring you to come up with solutions ‘on the hoof’. Enrol on our kitchen ftting courses today With our present kitchen ftting courses here at YTA including a 5 Day Kitchen Fitting Course and two-day and three-day workshop ftting courses our training could provide invaluable assistance in your pursuit of a rewarding career as a kitchen ftter. We are the company to have faith in when you are seeking high-quality 5 day kitchen ftting course – so why not browse our current range of such courses online now or call 01274 682199 or 07400 922788 for further guidance on the next best step for you

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