The Difference Between Cruisers and Sports Bike

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The Difference Between Cruisers and Sports Bike For a person who doesn’t have any fierce knowledge about motorcycles cruisers and sports bike belong to a common category called bike but for bikers they are completely two different worlds. While searching for the topic I came across a very interesting definition which clearly defines these two variants of bikes. Somebody wrote very well that cruisers are like well-trained war horses who knows what their riders want and respond accordingly whereas sports bikes are like wild and free- spirited horses and you got to show them you are boss or they will ride you. Cruisers and sports bikes belong to two different segments of motorcycling with respect to performance design and purpose. Cruisers 1. A typical cruiser is a type of motorcycle where the riding posture comprises of feet forward hands raised lower seat heights and upright riding posture or leaning back slightly that enables relaxed riding and easy shifting on highways. 2. They usually don’t have large amounts of horsepower but good low-end torque. 3. Their primary purpose is to be an efficient tourer with comfort for rider and pillion with the capability of carrying luggage. Sports Bike 1. This is a type of motorcycle with higher foot pegs that move the legs closer to the body and enables to reach the lower handle which positions the body and weight forward and over the tank. 2. They are equipped with higher horsepower and torque that makes the bike faster with instant acceleration to reach the top speed. 3. This is a type of motorcycle designed for speed acceleration efficient braking and cornering abilities compromising on comfort and fuel efficiency.

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