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How to know When your Inverter Battery is Failing Batteries are a commonly used product. Like all cells a battery eventually fails. But with our tips you can keep an eye on your inverter battery and know when it starts failing to buy a replacement and save yourself from the hassles of last minute battery purchases. In case your inverter battery is not holding charge its most likely a chemical issue. Here is how you can check for battery problems that cause performance loss.

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Physical Inspection: The first and foremost step is to check if the battery has a broken terminal an unusual bulge or bump in the casing cracks or breaks or discolouration. All of the above can mean that the battery is having a chemical breakdown. If there is a broken or loose terminal act promptly to get it repaired. Bad terminals can cause short- circuit and are a fire hazard as well. Bulging or swollen batteries may have been caused by an internal chemical leak and there is always the risk of the battery exploding if not repaired or replaced. Check voltage readings: The best way to see if the battery is holding power is to take a voltage reading of a battery. If the battery returns a reading of 12.4 or less there is a chance that its sulphated. Sulphation reduces the charging capacity and power delivery of the inverter battery. While the process reverses when a battery is charged but when a discharged battery is not charged for long periods the suphation can become permanent. In that case you will need a new inverter battery. Battery load test: You can also test a fully charged inverter battery by running it at full load. Run the fans lights and other appliances that the battery can handle to test the average run time before the battery discharges completely. It will give you an idea of the performance drop from when the battery was new. Looking for a new inverter battery Try the Livfast Energio 160Ah inverter batteries. These batteries can provide long power backup with their highly durable construction superior technology and components quality. To find out Livfast inverter battery price list visit an inverter and battery dealer near you today.

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