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Your skin is regularly exposed to several environmental elements that can irritate and damage it. Few causes of skin peeling are dry skin, sun burn, skin allergies and infection, skin rashes, ringworm and so on. Skin peeling can be caused due to several major and minor factors.


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slide 2: What is Skin Peeling 1. Skin peeling in beginning stages starts in small patches in one particular area later it will spread to other parts of the body. 2. Skin peeling can be seen in different parts of the body like face hands legs others. 3. In some consitions skin peeling occur because of dead skin cells are removed.

slide 3: Causes of Skin Peeling Skin peeling causes due to major and minor factors. Here we know the causes of skin peeling. There are 1. Dry skin and Sun burn 2. Posriasis 3. Ringworm 4. Skin rashes 5. Skin allergies and infection 6. Enviornment changes 7. Different types of skin cancer

slide 4: When Should you Consult a Specialist 1. In most cases skin peeling caused due to skin burn environment changes and dry skin and this type may not require advice. 2. Do not use any lotions or therapy without consulting your doctor. 3. You are facing other symptoms like weight loss fever muscle pain it is crucial for you then consult an expert and get it diagnosed.

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