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SCS is an integrated system with long service life, capable of transmitting different types of signals, ensuring the operation of several generations of computer networks, connecting any equipment of local networks and voice applications. At the same time, SCS implements a wide range of data transfer rates.


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Pros and Cons of Structured Cabling Systems A structured cabling system or SCS is a universal telecommunication infrastructure of a room group of rooms building or group of buildings which allows you to integrate computer and telephone networks as well as security systems into a single whole. The main purpose of SCS is to transmit all types of signals including media files voice messages and messages from security sensors. SCS includes a set of copper and optical cables cross-panels connecting cords cable connectors modular jacks for information sockets and auxiliary equipment. SCS is an integrated system with long service life capable of transmitting different types of signals ensuring the operation of several generations of computer networks connecting any equipment of local networks and voice applications. At the same time SCS implements a wide range of data transfer rates. However here we explain the pros and cons of structured cabling system:

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PROS: ● ● High Transmission Speed Data Quality Through Optical Fiber The benefit of a structured cabling network is primarily due to the high speed of data transmission and reception. In other matters the following figure is responsible for this item - 10 Gbit/s. ● Easily Complemented by New Technologies Without the Need to Replace an Existing Network Connectors and other communication devices do not require replacement as they perfectly interact with all known devices. To increase productivity and competitiveness it is enough to connect the cable to a new device. ● A Clear Hierarchy of all Network Components Allows you to Quickly Identify and Fix Breakdowns A network is not a complex structure mechanism. The principle of operation will be clear to any administrator conducting the service. The only issue is the installation and calculation of FOCL which will help solve the company specializing in this area. ● User can Build any Network Architecture Using a Variety of Protocols

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The performance of single-mode or multimode cables is not affected by the software settings of other network elements. Having sufficient professional skills you can easily reconfigure the network for individual tasks. ● High Reliability of the Fiber Path from Information Leaks The fiber does not emit radio interference and frequencies that can be caught by competitors or intruders. If additional FOCL protection is needed an inexpensive technical device can be purchased. ● Allows you to Reduce Maintenance Costs The advantage of SCS is autonomy. With the competent organization of the workflow she independently diagnoses and reports malfunctions. A few people are enough to diagnose the network. ● Long Service Life The high system of standards applicable to SCS obliges all equipment suppliers to comply with special requirements in the production and installation of networks. ● Cost-Effective

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Structured cabling is fairly cost-effective and allows for operations to function more freely. Due to its widespread model it is able to respond more quickly to changes within marketplaces and the overarching technology sphere itself. CONS: Among the many advantages the only drawback of structured cabling is the need for high professional skills at the network cabling installation stage. For the effectiveness of all systems it is necessary to contact only a competent company that will help with the calculation and installation of SCS. ● Undesirable Power Surges There are a number of rules that a competent installer must follow. In particular power surges are extremely undesirable for local area networks LANs. During the installation of the local network power cables are laid in parallel with low-current it is necessary to clearly maintain the permissible distances for joint installation as well as take into account many other details. ● Not Ideal for Smaller Server Room The structured cabling solutions particularly not ideal for smaller server rooms as it tends to make more sense when the solution is scaled for broader infrastructural needs. ToR cabling is the degree to which it limits the need for structured cabling. It can perfectly understand the limitation when outfitting leaner networks. Conclusion All stages of creating a structured cabling system depend on design installation of SCS and testing. They are equally important for the final result. At each stage in the case of an unprofessional approach you can lose all the achievements of the previous stages. If you are the owner of your building a group of buildings or a business leader whose nature of work implies a high load on the IT structure it makes sense to design and install SCS. Otherwise it can be limited to the local installation of networks of the corresponding purpose.

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