Liquid Screed - An Amazing Flooring Solution


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Liquid Screed Ltd is one of the pioneers in the business of providing liquid screed services in UK. They have years of experience and are one of the most trusted names when it comes to the liquid screed flooring services.


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Liquid Screed: An Amazing Flooring Solution Flooring is the most essential part of any house and the solution which is used to prepare the floor before you can lay your finishing touches on it is known as screed. Two types of screeds are available namely sand cement screed and liquid screed. An incredible innovation in the field of flooring solutions – this is exactly what liquid screed is. The main aim of this flooring solution is to reward you with a surface which is smooth and leveled before the final floor finishes are applied. This is considered to be one of the most efficient flooring systems. Advantages of Liquid Screed The popularity of this flooring system is increasing day by day due to its amazing features and the advantages it provides. Some of the major benefits of this flooring solution are mentioned below. Have a look and get inspired to install it in your house:  One of the major benefits of liquid flooring is that the process is extremely fast. If you want to get your floor done up quickly in a short period of time this flooring is perfect. It can be installed almost 10 times faster than the other screeds that are available.  Another advantage of this screed is that it is much less labour intensive as compared to its counterparts.  This type of screed can be used in various ways namely bonded floated or with under floor heating systems.  This screed is extremely efficient as it helps in increasing the thermal efficiency of your property by reducing the depth of the screed.  The best part about this type of screed is that it dries up quickly due to the reduced depth of the screed which makes it light.  This is the perfect option for commercial properties because after applying the screed the floor is ready to use within 24 hours which is extremely important in their case.  Another great fact about this flooring solution is that it goes along well with underfloor heating system. Due to the reduction in the depth of the screed the heat storage is reduced considerably. This results in the floor reacting quickly to your desired temperature needs thus in turn increasing the efficiency of the underfloor heating system.  With this flooring solution the heat present in the floor is consistent because the screed flows around the pipes making sure that there are no empty spaces. Since flooring is extremely important for any house the screed should be chosen with utmost cautiousness. Some major factors should be kept in mind while choosing the screed

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for your flooring such as the strength of the screed the bonding of the screed the movement joints and the ability of moisture control of the screed. The experts know all this well and can assist you in selecting the most suitable option for your home. Address: Liquid Screed Ltd 4A Cote Road Aston Bampton Oxfordshire OX18 2DX United Kingdom Visit us at:

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