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If anyone ask you about ansible you can say simply this is an automation tool. But he can ask again there is lot of automation tools like Jenkins, Nagios, Docker, Kubernetes so what is new in ansible?


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What is ansible in devops and its use cases for beginners In this article we will discuss what is ansible in devops and its use cases If anyone ask you about ansible you can say simply this is an automation tool. But he can ask again there is lot of automation tools like Jenkins Nagios Docker Kubernetes so what is new in ansible Simply you can say that all these tools are also automation tools but it’s depended on you what kind of automation you want to achieve like if you want to automate your monitoring then use Nagios. If you want to automate your deployment and testing then use Jenkins. Similarly if you want to automate your configuration level task then use ansible. I think still you have doubt let take a scenario to understand in deep. Suppose in our infra we have five hundred server and our application tomcat is running on all over the server. Now requirement comes we need default port of all tomcat server from 8080 to 8090. Now in front of you there are to method one is manually and second is by automation. Manually means go individual on all server and then change it. This is waste of resources and time. Second one is by automation tool. By a single command we can push change on all server with the help of ansible. Means finally you can say that ansible is a configuration tool. So now question is why we use it You can say we use it mainly to automate configuration level changes. what is ansible in devops From above explanation at least you have understood basic definition of ansible. Means we can define ansible in a single line. It is an opensource IT configuration management tool. By using this tool we can manage our infra level changes on Server/devices/cloud.

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Server windows/Linux: We can manage our server level changes like installation patching confrontational changes addition or deletion of users copy data and deployment etc. Device Router/switch/firewall: Also we can automate our device level task like backup User addition or deletion and configuration changes etc. Cloud Aws/Azure/open stack: We can manage cloud service like to launch new instance terminate existing instance and to create AMI lots operation we can perform with the help of ansible. Now let’s go throw once flow diagram of ansible that will help to understand concept of ansible in better way. Why ansible and its work style After leaning the basic of ansible we should learn about why we should go with ansible. Because we have lot of option like Puppet Chef Scripting. To know the answer of this question have a look of automation use case. Let us move little flashback means before any automation tools we did our work manually like deployment installation confrontational changes monitoring services individually on every service. To do manually up to a limit is ok but suppose we have thousands of server bigger database and application. Then it became very tough to manage that’s why we need automation. But why ansible in devops You can also put your opinion why we are not using scripting instead of ansible. There are lots of reason to use ansible instead of scripting. Major reasons are we need an expert engineer for scripting and scripting cannot perform task

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parallelly like ansible. It perform task into looping that will take more time to complete any task instead of ansible. Click Read: – What is git and basic terminology for DevOps engineers Click Read: – What is git reset and its type easy explanation for beginners Ansible vs Puppet vs Chef Let have a look of differences between ansible vs puppet vs chef that will help to understand concept of what is ansible in devops and why we use it Work style of ansible in devops Before moving next we should be aware about work style of ansible. It works on push model means it push the changes on client node with the help of modules. When our task or changes has been done it will display output on master node task has been successfully performed or not.

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Advantage and disadvantage of using Ansible In above diagram we have discussed difference between three automation tools. Which one is better it depends on requirement Because some point ansible have good as well some point chef and puppet have. So it depends on infra requirement. Now have a look of ansible advantages and disadvantages. Advantage of using ansible 1. Can perform task parallelly at a time on multiple server. 2. No need to install any agent on client machine. Or we can say ansible is agent less. 3. No need to open any external port. Ansible use ssh service port. 4. We can use it for machine provisioning. 5. Configuration management 6. We can manage our deployment. 7. No need of advance scripting for automation. There are lots of modules available. Disadvantage of ansible 1. Error reporting method is not user friendly. It will display numbers of lines in logs that will create confusion all times. 2. After executing playbook we cannot edit it. If we will do ansible will not update latest changes. 3. Ansible is OS dependent means it is not necessary playbook that is working on Centos will work on Ubuntu also. 4. Somewhere it is lacking in case of Windows OS. 5. We can not explore ansible cli more. For that we must go with Ansible tower that is paid. Conclusion about what is ansible in devops In this tutorial we have learnt what is ansible in devops and its roles and use cases in our daily routines. Before moving next to ansible be ready with its basic that will help to understand in next tutorials. But still if anyone have any query write me in comment box. I will try my best to resolve them. Interview question related to ansible 1. What is ansible automation or configuration tool 2. What are the port number of ansible 3. Recently I have faced an interview as a DevOps profile. There interviewer asked me a question. How much do you know about Ansible I told him almost all things that I know about ansible. In the last interviewer asked

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me a question Deepak tell me one thinks what we cannot do by ansible. I though this is funny question but this was very deep and very healthy question. I think and gave below answer please tell me in comment box I am right or wrong Answer. I told him Sir we cannot do hardware provisioning from ansible means ansible comes in scenario when our machine is already provisioned. Interviewer was in dull mode he didn’t reply wrong or right. Can anyone help me with exact answer

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