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I think every DevOps engineer will be familiar with docker word. Docker container technology is increasing day by day. So, it become must for us we should learn docker. In this article we are going to learn about docker container, and it’s use case like where docker is fit or where it is not fit.


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LinuxDady.Com What is docker and its basic terminology For more information visit https://linuxdady.com What is docker container and its terminology

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I think every DevOps engineer will be familiar with docker word. Docker container technology is increasing day by day. So it become must for us we should learn docker. In this article we are going to learn about docker container and it’s use case like where docker is fit or where it is not fit. Also we will learn basic term of docker that is very useful to understand the functionality of docker container. But before moving to docker container we should first aware machine provisioning. What is machine provisioning Machine provisioning means to build or ready new server for development testing or another teams that is working in our company. Before docker we were doing provisioning with the help of VM Xen ESXI etc. The drawback of using these technology as compare to docker container is — ▪ Time consuming because build a new machine every time then hardening and doing application setup this process is time consuming. ▪ Use more manpower ▪ High costing because using more manpower and waste of their time for doing provisioning. ▪ Taking VM machine more startup and shutdown time ▪ More hardware consumption because we have to set new VM for every application. I hope now machine provisioning world properly set in your mind. So now time to move towards docker. What is docker container In single line I will explain what is docker container Docker is a community which bring concept of containers-based virtualization. For better understanding you can say docker is a company and container is kind of virtualization where our application will run. Why companies are moving on docker There are lot of reason to move VM technology to Docker container technology. I have discussed some of my favorite reason in below diagram. If you have any other comment me in comment box.

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When we should move for docker container When we are running N number of applications then we should think to move towards docker container technology. If we are running only 2-3 application then no need to move docker. Because when we are using N number of technology then there will be changes of port confliction libraries confliction. We have to think about cost optimization use of manpower hardware consumption etc. Docker Architecture By a single diagram you will understand the docker container concept. Click Read: – How to configure AWS autoscaling in production

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In this diagram we have tried to explain suppose you want to set docker container infra then you have to take hardware – Install your desired OS – Install docker package – launch container. But in case of VM you need a hypervisor like VMware xen etc. that will install on your hardware then install again guest OS for every VM. So to launch new VM for every application is waste of hardware as well waste of time and cost. Docker workflow Before learning any technology we should learn first workflow of that technology means how that technology works In this diagram we have explained docker workflow. First we will install docker package on our OS then will launch container – Finialy launch our application into container. Click Read: – How to configure aws application load balancer Where docker is fit Up to here you have well understood what is docker and its use cases. Now we will discuss Where docker is fit or where it is not fit. ▪ In case of docker container monitoring tool are not fit because these tools need complete control of our OS but docker not have compete control of our base OS. ▪ Still docker container have some lacking point for big production environment. It doesn’t mean we cannot use docker in production. We can use in production environment but depend on need. ▪ Docker is best suitable for continuous deployment and testing environment. Some useful term for docker container Now we are going to discuss some basic term that is very important. We should learn that to understand docker in deep. Let’s try to understand.

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Docker host Docker host is a VM or dedicated hardware where we have installed our docker rpm package. That machine might be Linux Windows Mac depends on our requirements. Docker image For better understanding you can say docker image is an ISO image that have minimal packages. Means you can say it has those binaries libraries file and pre-installed software like java python etc. that is mandatory to run our application. Docker image is light weight as usual image. There are lot of community that is providing trusted open source and paid image like Docker hub Redhat etc. Docker image registry server You can say docker registry server is a centralized point or location where we put our desired image for future use. We can pull push our image when required. Container Container is running mode of our docker image means when we launched our image that It becomes container. Into that container we can run our application. Docker hub Docker hub is docker community registry portal from where we can download our image. They designs image and put at docker hub we can pull and push images here. There are two type of images ▪ License based ▪ Open source Docker client This is also very important term because basically this term create confusion. You can say docker client is our docker administrator that can manage our docker from another host instead of docker dedicated host. I think you are now well known what is docker container and its advantage. Let’s have a look again advantage of docker. ▪ It helps to optimize our infra cost ▪ It helps to reduces manpower ▪ It helps to save time

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▪ Boot up start up shutdown time is small as compare to VM ▪ No tension of libraries confliction ▪ No tension of port confliction ▪ We can run multiple application on a single VM with the help of docker. ▪ No tension of performance. Performance is like our base machine. Conclusion Docker container technology is best for testing and development team. Because development and testing team need is changing continuously. In such kind of situation docker container is fully fit. So in this tutorial we have learnt what is docker container Basic terminology regarding docker that we should aware before learning docker. If still you have any query write comment box. I will try my best to resolve them. Docker interview question If you want to stay in IT world keep sharing knowledge and continue study. So keep ans. below question answer in comment box. Right or wrong does’t meter. At least try– 1 why we put image on registry server 2 How we will identify image is trusted or not 3 How we will identify image is open source or licensed 4 Can we increase performance by using docker container. 5 Can container replace VM. If yes then why If not then why 6 Difference between docker host and docker engine

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