How to View ePub Books in Firefox

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If you find some ePub books in your web browser and want to read them directly on your browser. Here we offer some free ePub readers for Firefox, Chrome to read and view ePub books effortlessly.


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How to Read/View ePub Books in Firefox? :

How to Read/View ePub Books in Firefox?

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We often use web browser to open and visit our favorite webpages. And we often encounter a site that's offering some .epub files, now we are eager to click on the link and read the .epub book immediately. An eReading app that enables you read ePub books fast and simple, right there with your web browser. With increased publishers switching to producing their ebooks in .ePub versions, you may think that the great way you can preserve your reading habits up is to find yourself an e-reader or tablet. There are many free and online ePub readers for web browser or the hottest devices like Kindle Fire, iPad, Sony reader etc. In this quick tip, we will share with you how to open and read .epub book with Firefox.

Tips on How to View ePub eBooks with Firefox:

Tips on How to View ePub eBooks with Firefox Tip 1. If you can not find a place where provides many amazing ePub books, we suggest you visit Google Books. You can easily Free Download Google Books as .epub, .pdf or other eBook formats as you like. Tips 2. EPUBReader is a cool Firefox add-on which makes it easy to access and read such e-books no matter kind of OS used. With EPUBReader installed, you don't see the dialog. EPUBReader downloads the file, makes some processing and displays the ePub file prepared to read!

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Tip 3. Once installed, an additional button will appear at the top right corner of your Firefox browser, click it to run EPUBReader. Now you can drag and drop the local ePub book to Firefox for reading or viewing an online ePub book with the correct URL.

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Besides this, EPUBReader provides an additional choice of "ePub-Catalog" which lists the epub books read for quick reference and save a copy if possible. This is a handy tool for your reading needs and you need not to access a standalone e-book reader. Tips on How to Read ePub Bookw with Chrome MagicScroll is a minimalist ebook reader. Read books naturally with MagicScroll or switch on auto-scroll to scroll the page without moving the text.

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Tip 1. To begin reading ebook from your Chrome browser, visit the MagicScroll extension page and then click "Add to Chrome" to set up. You need to keep in mind, before doing the above task, you need to become its member.

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Tips 2. Once installed, add a new tab and visit and click on "Add a Book to Your Library" button. Congratulations, you will be provided choices to import the ebook from your computer, or offer the URL to an e-book source if you would like add them from the Internet.

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Once added, all ebooks are going to be accessible from the library. MagicScroll provides 4 menu buttons offered at the top left corner of every book page. This will give a convenient way for an amazing reading experience. Conclusion With the two powerful extensions for FireFox and Chrome, you can open and read ePub books online or offline. They are run independently, without any e-reader or tablet. Try yourself now! Hint: If you have collected large quantities of .epub book, and want to convert these documents to PDF format to meet your various needs, please have a try ePub to PDF for Mac which is a universal tool, can quickly create PDF files from the EPUB format, and perfectly preserved the original document content. See also from this site: How to Open PDF Files in Chrome on Mac