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A TIME TO DINE A TIME TO RELAX The September equinox dated this year on 22 September marked the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere. In a nutshell we are officially experiencing Spring in the southern hemisphere From this day onwards the days grow longer and the nights shorter. This means that we can venture outside to enjoy long twilight dinners rise earlier for sparkling spring breakfasts and enjoy full sunny luncheons all hopefully al fresco. At Linen Drawer we have exactly what you need for all those indulgent lazy lunches breakfasts and dinners. Our range of table linen will ensure that you never run out of table décor ideas and that every occasion will be stylishly catered for. Our newest addition to an illustrious range is the Natural Pure Linen tabling. Generously sized table cloths and table napkins with deep hemstitched hems can transition from breakfast to dinner easily. Natural Pure Linen is the best fabric to use for table linen as it’s texture and colour enhance any setting as well as being extremely durable and luxurious. If your passion is for pure white table linen Linen Drawer can offer you a few choices: Purest White is a range of 100 Rami table linen in white with hemstitching. The slubbed weave is extremely attractive and can be used in a casual setting as well as the most formal dinner table setting.

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Luxury Satin is a range of table linen with deep hems on the table cloths and table napkins enhanced by two rows of satin-stitching on the table cloth and a single row on the table napkins. The pearly sheen of the sateen weave fabric belies its strength and practicality.

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Classical Damask table linen has the timeless appeal of white damask. The damask weave design is modern which lends this table linen a contemporary edge. Versatile and timeless damask is a staple in the linen cupboard. Antique Stone and Natural Stone are two ranges offered in plain weave stone conlyn. They both feature 5cm hems on the table cloths and 2.5cm hems on the table napkins. Antique Stone is enhanced by hemstitching on the hems whereas Natural Stone has two rows of chocolate top stitching on the hems. Extremely hard wearing and versatile the stone conlyn can be ‘dressed up’ or ‘down’ depending on your requirements and preferences.

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With choices such as these it is imperative that you start enjoying the wonderful spring days and the approaching summer. Opening your home to friends and family sharing food and wine stories and lives is such a great way to relax and recharge those batteries that have been working so hard throughout the long winter

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